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November 17 2011

New Avengers banner is up on Yahoo! Movies. Earth's Mightiest Heroes assemble next May. If you want to see a bigger version of the banner and the posters then check out Super Hero

Couldn't get it to work on Yahoo, so SHH helped. That's a real great banner!
There is a second banner that can be seen here.
And here are the individual banners.
Their poses suggest the intent was to use the eight letters of the word "Avengers" to showcase each of the eight characters (as Scott Kolins did with his covers to "Earth's Mightiest Heroes"). Unless this is wishful thinking on my part, of course.
I do feel a strong female characters vibe of having the only woman, and only the woman, have her ass to the camera.
It's either that our her tits, b!X; this is for the fanboyz. And given everyone else is 'frontal', this was the more obvious call.
I find it insulting to fan boys that marketers think they are so led by their second brain that the only way Black Widow can be intriguing is through promoting her tits or her ass.

What it says to women is a whole 'nother feminist screed best left to those at LiveJournal who enjoy that kind of thing.
It's either that our her tits, b!X; this is for the fanboyz.

There's no choice needed! Real professionals depict both! (a satire I think b!X was also referencing?)
It's an unfortunate composition to be sure. There's nothing inherently wrong with the pose, really. It's almost identical to Loki's (minus the cape). It's interesting that in order to have her ass uncovered by the 'A' they had to raise her whole figure up so that her head was cut off. I can't quite figure out if there was anyway to use the shot (flipped or something) and have her ass covered and her face revealed without playing with it - and I'm not about to spend my time doing that. But I figure, there had to be some other less problematic promo pic taken. After all, the men all to get to take nice advantage of the "strategically placed" circle, so why can't she?
While Scarlett Johansson is a beautiful woman, I do find it a bit ridiculous that the only reason the character seems to exist in the promotional material is as a sex object. I'm confident we will see much less of that in the film itself however.
I seem to remember trailers with Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth shirtless.
It's Chrisploitation!

(To be fair, my first thought was exactly what BreathesStory mentioned: they obviously moved her leather-clad backside above the "A".)

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Wow! I didn't know one of the Elves of the Second Age was going to be in this movie! That's awesome!

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