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November 17 2011

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel & Faith #4. Plus an interview With Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs. Catch up with the creative team of Angel & Faith as issue 4 is previewed.

Very nice interview. I think the pair are doing a great job.
I'm mesmerized by Angel wearing jeans.
Nice interview. I'm presuming the next guest will be a certain hell-spawn:-) Hope so anyway!
What did he mean that Joss called dibs on Illyria? Do we know when/where Illyria will be making an appearance? Or if Joss is writing that/those issue(s)?
He means that Joss specifically wants to use Illyria in Buffy's book and called dibs on her because he has plans for her over there.
Oooh thanks, Buffyfantic!
I'm not so sure she'll be in /Buffy/. I'm pretty sure Joss just wants to be hands on with her character and her development. Yes, I guess that means she could possibly appear in the Buffy book, but I think it would make much more sense to get her a miniseries. She's never interacted with any of that cast before, so I just think it makes more sense.
Actually, Illyria interacted quite heavily with Spike both in Angel S5, and AtF. And Willow knew her as Fred. And since she is an elder demon with innate time-shift talent she can be quite useful in the Buffy-book... especially if Willow would want to learn something about past or future events.

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Especially if Willow is in the market for a new girlfriend.

...Come on, it would be amazing.
Oh no I had never thought of that. Willyria? Illyriow? Me likey.
FYI, there are 3 more preview pages on the Dark Horse website HERE.

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