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November 17 2011

(SPOILER) Amy Acker to guest on Grimm. Her episode will air in early 2012.

So she's just guesting in one episode? The use of the word "join" made me think she would be an ongoing part of the cast. Now I'm more disappointed than excited.
May it be the first of many Mutant Enemy alumni coming to shoot here in Portland.
I may need to start watching Grimm now...
I had been putting off watching Grimm - simply because I watch too much TV as it is - but now I'm thinking I'll have to start.
I was starting to give up on Grimm, I'd seen it before when it was called Buffy. But this me get me watching it again.
Oooh. Amy Acker in P-Town! May have to go haunt some filming locations. :D
Kinda how I felt about the pilot, Simon. But yeah, I should catch up. For Amy <3
... every five years, she has to leech the life out of three guys in three short days in order to maintain her appearance.

She is too pretty to need to eat livers and goes to hibernation for 50 years...

I was starting to give up on Grimm, I'd seen it before when it was called Buffy.

Yeah, but wasn't it renamed as "Supernatural"?
There are definitely Buffy-ish aspects of it (the werewolf friend is like a more competent Xander - not so much an Oz), but with the whole MotW police procedural frame, it's more like Buffy: Special Attackers Unit.
I don't see much similarity with Buffy, apart from the obvious "it's your destiny" and the incredibly badass aunt that definitely looks like a slayer. The characters are different, the structure is different, and the episodes don't have much depth... contrary to buffy episodes, they don't seem to have any deep meaning past the first level of text.

Anyway, I like the show so far. I don't like the monster-of-the-week aspects, but Buffy was like that too during the first season, except it remade B-movies instead of fairy tales. Hopefully, when they're out of fairy tales, we'll get more character development!

And seriously, aunt Marie was a cool character, and her death was perfectly handled. I love that she didn't get killed. I also like that Gilda's boyfriend was captured and she stole a gun to get him back, and not the other way round. It's very Whedon-like in that way... the plot seems obvious, but then there's a little twist.

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