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"I brought you some supper but if you'd prefer a lecture, I've a few very catchy ones prepped...sin and hellfire... one has lepers."
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November 17 2011

Joss talks Avengers with Yahoo. MOVIEtalk brings discussion of writing and directing ensembles, existing characters, and action (plus the latest on the Dr Horrible sequel).

Good interview, can't wait to see the results of the Whedon/Downey Jr dynamic on screen.
That was the most clear and straightforward interview I have ever read from Joss.
I can't wait for this movie. I hope it has Skrulls!
Looks like this reimagining has jettisoned Emma Peel entirely. Controversial.

Is this thing on? Hello?
I love the idea of Joss collaborating with the actors to get their characters just right -- and Joss tussling with Mark Ruffalo to get the physicality of the Hulk juuuuust right!!

Joss paying careful mind to the character motivations and interactions, that's no surprise. The most interesting part of the interview was his thoughts on getting the action right. This is going to be a big tentpole summer action movie, and there will probably be lots of explosion-y set pieces and things, but the best action sequences in Joss's work have always advanced character and plot. Think Buffy and Angel's sword fight in "Becoming, pt. 2," Buffy and Faith in "Graduation, pt. 2," November killing Sierra's rapist in "Man on the Street." Featuring the strengths of each Avenger in a massive onscreen fight, balancing their respective powers and motivations, to make interesting action scenes: I repeat, can't wait!

Plus, funny: "I would give him stuff to say, and by and large, he would say it."
Very good interview.
Lots of process stuff here. Very interesting!
BreathesStory, that was the quote I laughed at too! I had actually worried that 'collaborating' with Robert Downey, Jr. would be annoying for Joss, so I was delighted to hear that it was fun and rewarding. I am so excited about this movie! I cannot wait for it to be released (partly because Winter in Iowa cannot go by fast enough for me even when there isn't a Joss Whedon movie to look forward to).
Ditto on the "by and large, he would say it." That was great.

I am just so impressed. The more I read about Joss's work on this movie, my expectations increase exponentially.

May can't come fast enough.
Although 'The Avengers' is the third most exciting Whedon film next year (can't believe I'm saying that), I still can't wait.

Great interview here. Sounds as if he really managed to handle the big stars and the big money being thrown at him for this one.

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...I take it the link is working for everyone else?
Ok at my end.
Great intereview. Link working fine.

And a random thought came up to my head. I'm still waiting for attentive reporters who will talk with the cast members, and noting that both Renner and Hemsworth worked in Joss projects before, but were the 1st time ever directed by him in The Avengers.
Joss is known for wanting people to say his lines as they were written. Sounds as though he had to loosen up here a little. I wonder if he thinks of that as a good thing?

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