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November 18 2011

Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher, Ron Glass, & Jewel Staite to appear at Dallas Sci-fi Expo. February 11-12 at the Irving Convention Center

Guess I know where I'll be those days.

After what Adam did for (my child) Willow in Austin, am liking a chance to tell him her reaction, or maybe just bring her. If he remembers. And none of these other crew members were here, so, fun!
Willowy, what did Adam do for Willow in Austin? I don't think I heard this story.
I was leaving and he hadn't been there all day. On the way out I saw him just sitting there with like two people in line. I got up there and just said "Hello Adam, I'm Tari and I'd like to tell you something." I told him how Willow LOVES Jayne and is always sticking up for him, how she can sing Hero of Canton and the Firefly theme, etc... He was smiling the whole time, then when I made to leave he goes "Wait..." then he grabbed a Jayne pic off his many stacks and said "I've gotta give Willow a picture." Then he personalized it to her and autographed it. Gratis.

Him doing that and me getting to talk to Jo Chen for a long while absolutely made my day. Hell, my month. Well, that and James Marsters' warm hands. :)
Sweet tale, Willowy. Glad to hear it.

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