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November 20 2011

'The Avengers' website gets updated. You've already seen the new banners but have you read the character bios? There's some interesting, albeit spoilerish, tidbits to be had.

Spoilerish yet no spoiler tag? You're off your game, Simon. ;)
It's an official movie website, I think people would expect a certain level of info there. Wouldn't they?
New Banners? What, are they bringing in Bruce's family or something?
I wouldn't say there was much spoilerish there unless you don't know anything about the characters yet.
Maybe Simon is referring to the fact that, technically, knowing is a spoiler. But it's shown so it's not really going to spoil it more than it already is.

I think it is a good thing that only some of the early filmed scenes and limited CGI were available, otherwise I'm sure marketing would have spoiled more.
It was more what was said in Loki's bio that I found spoilerish, I hadn't seen that before. It was quite intriguing.
I'm just about at the point of avoiding everything Avengers related until the movie comes out. I'll save it all up for after I see the movie. So far it's worked for Cabin in the Woods.

Of course I may have to go live in a cave for a while.
Znachki, when you find The Avengers Proof Cave let me know and I'll join you. May is an awfully long time from now. As a first line of defense, I suspect it will need to be a electricity-free cave so I guess we'll have to play Monopoly or Arkham Horror. I'll bring the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. (Oatmeal means they're healthy.)
It's interesting that The Hulk is named Bruce Banner on that site. Iron Man, Captain America, they're all alias first. Wonder if it says a lot about the film.
I was wondering the same thing, Jaymii. What is the significance of using Banner's name but not everyone else's? Perhaps it because everyone else was openly recruited for their superhero powers, whereas Nick Fury probably was not completely transparent about his interest in Hulk's powers. After all, they can be unpredictable and destructive (and I doubt Hulk, as opposed to Banner, would pass the security clearance background check.) Banner's bio suggests that Fury was a little sneaky in this respect.

ETA: Do we know yet if there are skulls?

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It may have more to do with the fact that Banner is his primary identity. He works and helps people as Bruce Banner. The Hulk is something that happens to him, something that he's trying to prevent others from exploiting. There was a tidbit in that MOVIEtalk interview about how Joss was developing the character, seems to point in that direction.
BreathesStory I think that the cookies will go a long way toward making our cave stay bearable. We'll need some books as well, as I can't be responsible for any damages if I go too long (like a day) without reading. We could bring other games, but I have played Monopoly games that seemed like they went on for months, so maybe not. The #occupycave movement starts here.
I'm with Simon. The thing that hit me was that it said


"When his (Loki) misuse of power threatens the entire planet, it may take more than the Avengers to stop him."

I wonder what tricks Joss has up his sleeve?

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