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November 21 2011

Buffy 'changed course of television', says Sarah Michelle Gellar. She believes 'Buffy' "came at the right time".

It's a shame that Sunday Times interview was behind a pay wall, as it was really good. She also said in the interview she would return as Buffy only on Sesame Street.
There is scans around and yes Simon they didn't even give any publicity in the content listings so I missed it on the first occasion of picking up the paper .
@Simon, would she be coming to slay The Count?
Had'nt she slayed some zombie letuces in Robot Chicken?
Simon, was that in reference to a reunion movie?
Here's the relevant summary/quotes thingy.

The actress has moved on from her most iconic part as the lead character in TV series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', and would only play her again if it was for her two-year-old daughter, Charlotte's, favourite children's show.

Referring to furry red monster character Elmo, Sarah said: "I could share a scene with Elmo. I mean, I've worked with some great people - Andy Garcia, Forest Whitaker - but they're not Elmo."

Sarah, 34, added she would also agree to share the scene with another of the show's more fitting characters, Count von Count, who is modelled on a vampire.

She added: "Yep, okay. But that would be the only place I'd return as Buffy."

Have never understood the whole SMG Buffy shun. As any thinking person would, I understand her wanting to move forward, and applaud her efforts. I just don't get all the 'never, NEVAHHHH' talk like it was some big torture for her. I'd go so far as to say that she owes ALL her iconic status to that one role.

Really, would it be SO terrible...?
It sounds pretty tongue-in-cheek to me. She was game for voicing herself (basically in Buffy character) in Call of Duty. I've never seen this attitude that people keep saying she has.
I had some pretty cool jobs back in '97 to '03 that really helped me get to where I am today and I'm grateful to and for all the people who helped and supported me at those jobs but there is no way in hell I would ever go back to any of them. I think that is a very legitimate point of view.

I can easily imagine that SMG feels the same. As she should.
Willowy: I think you maybe misunderstanding SMG's statement. I think she is smart to say that she would never return as Buffy at the moment. She has already said repeatedly that she would return as Buffy -- if Joss Whedon came up with a new script and brought together the gang. However, there is still the "fake" Kazui Buffy remake in the works and she has already said that she doesn't want to be a part of that tripe. Stating it in no uncertain terms, except for a Seasame Street scripted homage, just clarifies a statement on her part. It removes all the chance of the tabloids running a muck with a fake story.
Willowy -
I just don't get all the 'never, NEVAHHHH' talk like it was some big torture for her.

I'd call that a radical interpretation of the text.
SMG has always been open to playing Buffy under the right circumtances.If she loved the script that Joss delivered.However those circumtances are unlikely to happen now for two reasons.

1)A Buffy reboot film is in development now without Joss and the T.V. characters and continuity.With that in development now,there is no way I can see Warner Bros. allowing FOX do a rival Buffy onscreen project now.I would assume Warner Bros. would do everything they could to block it.And if FOX really wanted to do some type of onscreen Buffy project,they would of done it a few years ago when a reboot from another studio wasn't in development.They would of done those T.V./DVD movies Joss wanted to do.They couldn't work out a way to do them that made Joss or the studio happy(FOX wanted to do them ultra cheap).

2)Joss is getting to continue his Buffy via the season 8/After The Fall/ current season 9/future season 10 comics.He is continuing telling his story his way now without worrying about outside studio and actor issues.

SMG is very aware of both things.She knows a reboot film without Joss is in development that will have a new actress in the role and different characters and cast.And she knows Joss is continuing to tell his and her version of Buffy's story in the comic books.

So I'm sure at this point,she probably feels the question is moot anyway and there is no chance now where a few years ago it was a more open question and she left the possibility of playing Buffy again open(if she was happy with the script).There was no reboot film in development and Joss hadn't decided to continue Buffy via seasons in comics when he couldn't get future onscreen projects going.
My daughter is 21 and she'd probably love the idea of SMG (as Buffy or as herself) interacting with Elmo.

But I agree with Sarah's and David's and Alyson's taking these firm positions, at least right now. Joss is tied up and trying to move on himself, and they all have solid careers going. When they hit the inevitable-in-show-biz Love Boat phase of their careers, it might be different.

I still like (and not only or even mainly because I write fics set in a world like this) the idea of 15 years from now doing a Still the Beaver-Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis kind of thing with them as 40-soemthign parents and the plot heavily focussed on their own children. "Aunt Buffy, what's happening?)

Prior to the S-8 finale, I had hopes for soemthign set *in* the Buffyverse as established by the 2 original shows but with totally new characters. Not so much now.
You mean like the Slayer School spinoff that was mooted after the show ended back in '03?
Heck, I'd've gone for almost anything, but that's a good idea. Faith Fu would've beene interesting, or my own Spook Squad idea, or almost anything else. is possible.

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