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November 21 2011

Now 'Buffy' is a smartphone! HTC and Facebook will build a smartphone, code-named after our favorite vampire slayer.

I guess Joss has fans working on HTC and Facebook :P
I started watching BtVS long after it had been off the air, and I remember thinking how different the show would be if everyone had cell phones...
Could you imagine the Twitter updates??? "Slayed the master. Angel likes my dress"
"Got bored, flayed a guy" Ah, what a different show it would be.
benisglory - how long do you think it will be before someone runs with that idea and creates a buffy twitter account, going through every episode with tweets. Welcome to the Hellmouth "was close to being in the Cordettes, then I nearly staked the leader. Oops" What's My Line "ice skating took an unusual turn when I had to weaponize my skate" Earshot "holy cow, everyone tweets everything they think!"

I give it a week.

And is it wrong that (up until the Facebook part) I thought, "A Buffy phone? I want that!"??
They had a Firefly phone as well but it got cancelled from what I recall.
They had a Firefly phone as well but it got cancelled from what I recall.

Well that's fitting.
Jelly said:

Good grief.
There's a whole buffy-twitter-world active.
Not just the - now resting - mentioned '@BuffySummers'.
That one seems to have been replaced by @buffysummers13; and there's also an @SpikePratt, @willow_r, @dawn_summers, @TaraMaclay, @Xander and @AnyaJenkins. Not to mention the whole Angel-gang, as well as the Troika (they seem to be mid-season6).
All of them combined in

Again: Good grief.

They seem to be quite active for a while now, too - a lot longer than the 'I give it a week'-comment of ninjapigeon, anyway.

Is this a long known thing, around here...?
People roleplaying as the characters online? Been like that for as long as I can remember. LJ, various message boards, tumblr, MySpace. Not sure about Facebook though.
Well, I didn't know about it. (Not really a surprise, the me not knowing.) I love it. :)
Wow, that's quite a few hours worth of tweets, right there :).

Anyway: Buffy phone. It strikes me as an odd name for a phone - doesn't seem particularly cool or hip. So not really a great plan, marketing wise, it'd seem. 'Buy the new HTC Buffy'. I don't know.

Plus: you want people to look up your phone online. Not quite sure if you'd want to catch all the extra hits not about your product, a name like Buffy would bring.

Other than that: cool ;).

yes I agree with GVH that this just seems confusing and silly.
Note that this is a codename; the original iPhone didn't come to market called the Apple P2 :). Although could the real name be worse than Salsa or Chacha (referencing the earlier HTC handsets with dedicated F buttons)?
Yeah it's just the name they're using internally as they work on it. Not like Google Wave! May it rest in digitally archived peace.
I might have to get a smartphone now. Yes, I'm a pathetic fangirl.

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