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November 22 2011

io9's gift ddeas for 10 major species of Science Fiction fan. Includes several spiffy selections just for us.

I regret not buying some Buffy merchandise when it was available. I so wish I had the Bronze capuccino mug, which now costs a fortune on Amazon.
Some "spiffy" selections? Did you mean "spuffy" Or maybe "bangel?" Hee. When I first read this, I could not figure out what pairing "spiffy" was- Buffy with Zippy the Pinhead, maybe?

But hey, my office at work contains a Buffy poster on its outer door, several Willow and Tara figurines on a shelf (and one Anya one), and a Buffy calendar prominently placed. Along with my signed Chance poster from Amber Benson. :-)

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