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November 21 2011

Grimm gets full-season order and Thursday night tryout. NBC's fantasy/crime drama co-created by Angel's David Greenwalt will get a full order of 22 episodes after doing well in its first four episodes. It will also have a special showing at 10 PM on Thursday, December 8th, followed by another new episode the next night. ETA: Also, Amy Acker is cast (this link has spoilers).

It's been doing very well against Fringe and CSI: New York.

Ausiello? I wish that there was a warning for links to him, I always feel dirty after clicking to one of his "articles".
My only question It's up against some pretty tough competition, and the eps so far are just meh, for me.
I fell asleep towards the end of the pilot. It was pretty bad. Does it get better? I asked my boyfriend, who managed not to fall asleep and he said no... but he's pretty critical. Anyone? Is Grimm worth re-watching and continuing?
@ Jonnathan,

It's doing decent ratings for NBC, and pretty well for Fridays. For example, this past Friday it tied for 3rd best rated show on the night.
I've watched all the episodes so far, but it's not doing a lot for me yet ... kinda reminds me of early Angel, only without the funny parts.

Also, it seems like most of the mysteries-of-the-week would work equally well in a regular police procedural. We're getting child molesters and serial rapists ... only they're *really* scary monsters with quasi-German names! Because, what, people who kidnap children and rape women aren't scary enough?

I dunno. I guess my problem with it is it feels like two different shows that don't really mesh--a police procedural (that's more interested in the main character taking shortcuts and having intuitions than any actual police proceedings), and a supernatural monster-fighting drama (only with very little fighting of said monsters). There are even two sidekicks: one for the police show and one for the supernatural show. I think it might have been more successful if they'd dropped the police half entirely and made the aging aunt the protagonist. (So far she's the only character I've found interesting.)

That said, I'm going to give it another couple of episodes at least, and see if it improves.
I liked the pilot. The second episode was a bit underwhelming, although it did have some good moments (Like when the werewolf ripped the guy's arm off in the parking garage - "That went a bit too far.") and I liked the way they handled the "keeping your traditions alive" aspect. The third episode was...all right.

But I still don't know the names of any of the main characters, other than dead Aunt Marie. And by the third episode you should know some of them.

I was sure the police chief was a bad guy, until last week's episode where he...killed a bad guy who was going after the hero. So now I'm not so sure.

We need more background - who are the Grimms? How is it all these...creatures live among us? What are the Reapers? Too much mystery's not a good thing.
I think it's good. It's not great, but it's as good as the first episodes of Angel or Dollhouse, which ended up great in the long term.

The mystery doesn't bother me, the hero is in the same position as, say, Harry Potter, he doesn't know much, but everything is pretty clear anyways, we get the general idea of who is what. Getting all the background during the pilot isn't great either.

The only thing I regret so far is lack of a third level of text (past the plot and the fairy tale reference), and that they killed the aunt, who was one of the two most interesting characters with the Big Not-so-bad Wolf.
I liked the pilot, but with it up against Supernatural & Fringe have not gotten to watch any more of it, so hoping it does well on Thursday. I thought it was a very bad programming choice to put it up against 2 other supernatural shows.
So is this related to the decision to put Community on hiatus? If so, I'm not happy about it at all.
I watch on Hulu because Fridays is Fringe. There's not anything particularly special happening yet, and I mainly find myself just trying to suss out in which parts of Portland each episode was shot. Last week's was the first one shot partly in my immediate neighborhood.
Jim Kouf should also be credited as a Whedonesque connection from this show.
It's a interesting show concept wise, but its procedural formula is starting to annoy (weirdly, it might be the reason it's being favored ratings wise), and it needs to set more clear roots on its own mithology (which might actually hurt it ratings wise.
It's ok, IMO. I like the partner and the Big, Not-So-Bad Wolf, and well, um the Aunt. The lead isn't that compelling yet.

We need deeper characterization and mythology for some footing. I think that Law and Order: Science Fiction can work if we get a bit more of narrative. Everyone knows the background for Law and Order, cause it's cops and NYC. Honestly, I missed that it was Portland, I thought it was Seattle.

There's potential.
The two are completely unrelated.
Added link about Amy Acker being cast.
FWIW, last week's episode (as I referenced above) included the bar around the corner from me (outside of which you could also see the awning of my local coffee shop), as well as the outside of a breakfast place down the street. They've also taken to including local/state product references. A couple weeks back it was Voodoo Doughnut, and last week it was Double Dead Guy Ale.
For those who want to catch up, Syfy Channel is running the first four "Grimm" episodes (all of those aired so far) in a mini-marathon tonight, Tuesday, starting at 7 PM. (Syfy has the same parent company as "Grimm"'s main network, NBC.) b!X, I've heard great things about Voodoo Donut.
This has nothing to do with Community being shelved. That happened because 30 Rock is coming back & NBC wants to give Up All Night a change to gain an audience during Thursday nights.

I personally look forward to this show. While I agree it's a lesser Angel, I think it definitely has room to grow and I'm looking forward to see it happen :)
I agree it has potential. A lot will be determined by how they fit the mythology and police procedural together. So far they are pretty disconnected, except for the obvious fact that the lead is a detective with monster-intuition. Some areas I'd like them to explore and define: Are monsters more likely criminals? Does the lead grimm dude do other police work? (see, that's a problem right there-I've watched all four episodes and forget his name) How will the other police fit in? Imo it will get annoying if his partner never knows what's really going on.

Big agree on the aunt being the most interesting character of all. Wish she'd been added as his "watcher" while she gets ready for retirement and he takes over for her. If she was killed off so that he can "learn on his own" then we need more development of his struggles to make sense of the supernatural world.

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