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November 22 2011

Miracle Laurie shares her favorite music videos. Dollhouse's Mellie gave a list to with reasons she likes each video. It's a very entertaining read!

Some nice choices, R.E.M. videos are always something special. I would go for A-Ha's Take On Me, umpteen Madness ones and The Beatles' Free as a Bird.
Hmm, well if I was to go with a list of YouTube available videos that I tend to play over and over again as the working definition of favorites, most of mine are live performances. I love the ability to see so many performances form other eras and locations. The off the top of my head list:

1. A-ha's Take on Me
2. Leo Kotke's Vaseline Machine Gun
3. The Spencer Davis Group's Gimme Some Lovin'
4. Elvis from the '68 Comeback Special singing That's Alright Mama
5. A fan video for Sean Mullin's See that Train
6. Melissa Etheridge & Joss Stone's Janice Joplin Tribute Performance
7. Okay, it's a movie clip. But it was intended to look like a video and it makes me laugh every time I watch it. From a "Very Brady Sequel": Good Time Music
8. Ten Years After's Woodstock performance of I'm going Home
9. Gillian Welch and Old Crow Medicine Show preforming The Weight
10. The Guild's Game On
Since A-ha's already been covered, Smashing Pumpkins' "Tonight, Tonight". An awesome video all-around, and one of the most memorable from my childhood.

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Its a good list. Soundgarden, MJ, Beyonce, and Jamiroquai all made memorable videos.
How can anyone not include Radiohead's "Just"? Heck, pretty much any Radiohead or Bjork ('cept maybe Big Time Sensuality or Venus as a Boy) video will at least be eye-catching, if not fascinating.

I'd personally never include a video by NKOTB or DMB, but then this wasn't a "10 Best" videos, just "10 Favorite."

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