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November 22 2011

Barnes &'s pre-Black Friday sale includes most Whedon shows. All Seasons of Buffy and Angel are $9.99. Firefly The Complete Series is $12.49/DVD & $17.99/Blu. Dr. Horrible is $7.49/DVD & $11.99/Blu. Dollhouse on DVD S1 is $9.99 & S2 is $12.49.

Most, but not all, of the shows are at the link, but a handful like Dollhouse and Angel Season 5 have to be searched for separately.
that is seriously crazy cheap. wow.
Seeing these sales around this time of year makes me think i'd go broke annually on Black Friday if i lived in US. I already placed an order on Amazon and spent $200. You guys must a have a will so strong not to buy every cheap item you see that you remotely want.
Oh man I already ordered Dollhouse season 2 from amazon for like 18 dollars.

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