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November 22 2011

Charity auction for a Tooned Up Spike, signed by James Marsters. Ends soon.

Seems to be a rare collectible, possibly unique. Even if people get the tikis signed at conventions, they don't have the Toys For Tots stickers as a sort of COA.

It already ended. You can't even see the item.
It was only 6 hours left when I put it up here.

And you can see it if you scroll down.
*Slaps head* I didn't scroll down. Just saw the "Bidding has ended". Thanks Skyetteflickan88. When has Spike ever used a axe though? And the 'tooned up'ness makes him look ugly.
The axe was in the ep at the school when Buffy & mom were being chased by Spike and his "gang".
That tooned up Spike is pretty terrible. The first Spike collectible I just couldn't get myself to buy. Up until that, I was a what you might call a completist.
rehabbed, I only remember Buffy, the girl Dru killed, and Joyce handling the axe.
Being on Skytteflickans timeline I had time to bid but I didn't. I don't want my Spike vamped out. It just makes him ugly, not dangerous-looking. IMHO.
The axe was used in School Hard(yes, I had to say which ep it was, I'm a know-it-all). Techically he never used it himself, just gave it to a minion to use. I guess it was the same axe he was hit over the head with.

@OldSwede did you see the non-vamp face version?

I can't decide if I love or hate the vamp face. The non-vamp face is kind of bland.

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