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November 23 2011

10 vampire stories that are more romantic than Twilight: Breaking Dawn. io9 lists Buffy The Vampire Slayer at #6.

While I think that Let the Right One In is one of the great movies of the last decade, I am not sure I would call it "romantic" in the sense of the other stories listed here. As I write, I am reading a new book about the movie "Devil's Advocate: Let the Right One In" by Allison Bilson, which also has some very good things to say about BTVS and how it re-energized the vampire genre, just saying.

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Yeah it was a strange article. The description of the romances of Buffy was particularly strange.

However, points for the slashy romance description of Lestat and Louis!!
Kudos for mentioning Buffy, Let the Right One In and Near Dark (marines from "Aliens" as vampires were terrific!)

Although IO9 descriptions made me realise that I'm absolutely indifferent to the elements what they refer as "romantic" and love these stories for absolutely different reasons.

Xane - I agree with you. The writer's take on romance is baffling.
Agree on the strange description of romance in BtVS. I'd argue that one of the reasons BtVS is so great is because it's NOT a romance. Buffy and Angel fell in love, broke up and moved on with their lives. Unlike in Twilight, where Bella becomes incapable of doing anything when Edward dumps her.

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Was not going to comment... but since others did I want to say that in my humble opinion the author's take on BtVS romance is very appropriate and straight to the point. Smart, short and very well defined.
Joss on vampire romances, including Twilight. If we could avoid shippy comments that would be lovely.
I've never heard Joss's take on Twilight before. I probably shouldn't be hating on Twilight, I was a fan not too long ago...
The Hunger's "romantic" side applies to every vampire (love)story
doomed from the start, but beautiful and dazzling while it lasts
Including Count von Count's touching devotion to counting things.
"If we could avoid shippy comments that would be lovely."

Buffy fandom says 'O RLY?' :) Actually, I agree -- poorly coded 'ship-driven complaints about Buffy entry... are poorly coded.

I'm not big on vampire romance in general, so the stuff I would be more inclined to include on a list like this would be B-movies like "Blood Angels", or softcore gems like Emmannuelle vs. Dracula or whatever the hell that was I saw on Cinemax sometime during the first Bush administration.

But were I to take it seriously and try to add a vampire romance to the mix here, I'd say I found the romance between Noah Wyle and Stana Katic in one of the "Librarian" movies pretty agreeable.
Not sure why, _The Hunger_ didn't thrill me much. Then again I'm not crtic and also I didn't see it until a year or two ago.

I wouldn't've used the same words but I can't disagree with the article's descriptions of Bangel and Spuffy. Again that's just a personal preference; I also liked Riley and never really liked Oz.

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