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November 23 2011

Free Comic Book Day to include Buffy, Serenity, and The Guild. The official announcement from Dark Horse Comics as to its FCBD slate for May 5, 2012 includes the previously-known Star Wars/Serenity flip book, a new Buffy tale, and the Guildies go to the beach.

Great to hear.So there will be a Star Wars/Serenity flip book and a Buffy/Guild flip book.

Where's the Serenity cover?
It looks like they didn't show the Serenity cover.

Also,I just realised.That really is Whedon weekend.That weekend The Avengers comes out too.So we got the written/directed by Joss,Avengers movie,a free Buffy issue,a free Serenity issue,a free Star Wars story written by Joss's brother.Plus Whedon alumni Felicia Day's Guild getting a free issue too.

Maybe May 4-6 2012 should be dubbed Whedon

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