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November 24 2011

Some new Buffy images by Jo Chen. Buffyfest has compiled links to 3 new Jo Chen images of Buffy, Faith, and Willow.

OK, could this be part of the cover for the Buffy: Season 8 Vol.1 Hardcover, we discussed over here.
Is it only me thinking they are all part of the same cover image?
Numfar, I think you must be right Willow's definitely using magic
Hardcover was my first bet. When Willow's image as the only one, I suspected a cover for the Willow-mini but that's probably not the case now that there are the Faith and Buffy ones as well.
It's probably the HC, but I keep hoping for a new season 9 project.
Buffy looks like she's going to sing Something To Sing About.
Put the three together and it's like a Charlie's Angels publicity shot.
Probably a crossover arc between Buffy, angel and faith, and a willow mini series
Love seeing Jo Chen's work. Moar plz. :)
Pretty. Waiting for Dawn and Xander's

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