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November 26 2011

Fictional Friday :: 10 fictional doppelganger collections. And some predictions on whether they would get along with each other.

The headline put me in mind of Vamp Willow. And then made me wonder how she would get along with current Willow, given what she's experienced in the intervening years since "Doppelgangland". Or Dark Willow. Or Future Dark Willow. An orchard of Willows.
We saw how Buffy and the Buffybot got along. Though that didn't end well. Or start well. And the middle was a bit shaky...
Spike and John Hart. I's like to see that
Poor Summer. Somebody please give that woman something different to do.
@ Willowy

How can you say "Poor Summer"?
Summer Glau was blessed to have played two of the most iconic characters in recent sci-fi history (River Tam in Firefly and Cameron in TSCC). Can you name another actress who did so?
She also played in Lifetime movie "Deadly Honeymoon" or Western "The Legend of Hell's Gate".
Sci-fi is a dead-end on tv these days so she decided to give her career another turn, hence her presence in a Drama pilot for TNT.

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What about Angel and Booth, or Mal and Castle?

Personally, I'd like to see what they would have said about Angel and Booth. I'd think they'd get along rather well, with Booth giving Angel advice on parenting.
Mal and Castle... I think Castle would turn into the ultimate fanboy since he's clearly a browncoat. And that would majorly annoy Mal. And can you imagine how Castle would act around Zoe? I think Zoe might end shooting him.
I have to wonder about Willow and Lily. I mean they're both intelligent and well-mannered, but Lily is too anti-intellectual; she's already got a Ted in her life, she wouldn't want another thinker. Don't know enough about Michelle Flaherty to know how she'd fit in there.

Tara and Chance? No chance. Spike and Braniac, well *that* could be an interesting discussion to sit in on. Mal and Caleb- let's not go there, for the love of God.

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