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November 27 2011

Happy Birthday, Maurissa Tancharoen! She reopened (with husband Jed Whedon) the Dollhouse, co-wrote one of the best episodes of Spartacus ("Missio"), turned our tears to ice in Mortal Kombat, got steampunky for The Guild, co-wrote a song for "Much Ado About Nothing", inspired record-breaking fundraising to cure lupus, and started the best blog in the history of bloggulary.

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Happy Birthday!!!!
Those are great links Pointy, it took me a while to rewatch them all! Happy Birthday dear Maurissa!
Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for all of the above and also for the hilarious routine you did about your teenage diary--can't remember the venue--and your funny food songs. May this year bring you relief and joy.

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Happy Birthday, Mo. I always enjoy reading your blog even when it hurts.
Happy Birthday!!!!
A very happy birthday! Amazing woman, here's to many happy returns.
Happy birthday! She does indeed give the word amazing new meaning. And she manages to find humor and fun in lifelong disease, something I'm all to familiar with.
Happy birthday to my favorite Captain Hammer groupie!
Happy Birthday, Mo!
And many happy returns of the day.
(FWIW, it's also the birthday of Kelly Wheeler, better known as the Blue Sun girl, also a writer's assistant on Firefly and blogger for its FOX site.)
If you twitter, join us for a birthday discussion of the wonderful works of Mo at 9 P.M. Eastern, 6 P.M. Pacific, 3 A.M. Central European Time. Just use the #whedony hash tag to follow the discussion and join in!
She's Our Mo, and she's Motacular. I'm glad Joss brung her to us via Jed.

Everybody wins.
Maurissa Tancharoen's birthday brought very sad news.

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