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January 23 2004

(SPOILER) Rumoured Guest star for Episode 15 I know this is a TV Tome listing, so never a good source for information, but I have read this somewhere else as well, although I can't think where!

Lilah Morgan to reappear!

I can tell you it's from - I posted it a week ago and according to other sources since then it is most likely a foiler leaked by Joss to throw spoilers off. Since the cast list is out and Stephaine R. is no where on the list but Fred's parents are.
Oh well, I'll have to curb my excitement then. I'd love to see Stephanie back - she has such a huge presence and is a genuine character that belongs to AtS, rather than BtVS. She is one of my all time favourite characters from the Whedonverse.
We have the cast list for episode 15 at mythical, and SR aint on it.
"Writer: Joss Whedon & Joss Whedon"?

Is that some kind of tax fiddle or is the guy losing it?
Joss probably has his clone working on it too.

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