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November 29 2011

Jo Chen's cover art for the first Buffy Season 8 hardcover. USA Today's Pop Candy has the scoop.

I'm confused. Where is the all-ass version? j/k
I bet the covers from the 4 volumes will connect into one big poster.
Had not thought of that, good call.
Xander should really be on there instead of Faith. Buffy, Willow and Faith just feels wrong.
Jo Chen's art is amazing as ever.
well, Faith plays a pretty big role in the second arc, which is collected in this volume, so I guess it makes sense
I miss Jo Chen's work so much. She's so amazing!
Wonderful likeness, but Faith looks out of place, kicking something that close to Buffy, and Buffy's upper body is a bit too long. But it looks dynamic. Just a bit cluttered considering how Faith is placed.
@Numfar PTB, I doubt it will be one big poster, since I think Buffy will have to be on every single cover, for marketing purposes.
Jo Chen, amazing as always!
I miss her on covers for the series. Not that I haven't liked the covers they are doing now... I just really like Jo Chen doing Buffy.
I miss seeing the scythe
Um... hey, look at those! They don't seem right for Willow.

Seriously though, love the cover. And I'm definitely with you, Giles_314, I miss Jo on the series.
@guidedby: I wouldn't even have noticed that (and I'm a dude, so that's especially unusual), but yeah, it kinda looks like every one of the women on the cover has pretty much the same body below the neck.

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