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November 29 2011

"Leverage" costarring Christian Kane back on TNT, Sundays at 9, in US. It resumed Sun. Nov. 27. For those who missed Sunday's new episode (like me), it's re-airing Wed. at 11 PM (according to The TNT "Leverage" site has some fun making-of stuff, along with a nice photo of Christian Kane on the logo (slide screen to viewer right to see him, he's separated from the rest of the cast).

Spoiler Alert if you did not see Sunday's episode, but there was a nice write up of Christian Kane's character on Entertainment Weekly yesterday.
Sunday's episode (4x11) was a particularly excellent showcase of Kane's acting skills. No spoilers here - I'll just say he managed to be utterly chilling and heart-breaking in the same scene.
Somehow I did completely forget it was back. Thank goodness for repeats!

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