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November 29 2011

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 #4 preview pages. CBR has the preview pages for the conclusion of the first season 9 arc.

I need to read it now!
And we FINALLY get a peek into what's going on in Spike's mind!
I can't stop reading and rereading the new preview pages :)))))
yes!! everything they all said!
Why is this still two weeks away? Sadface.
:) Love those pages! Can it be two weeks time already?
*bites nails* Another cliffhanger! It's not fair!

Spike's attitude to Buffy is exactly what I thought it would be. It's nice to have a confirmation.

Koh: "The Nitobe have a code for mating. Humans are not allowed". Heh. A set-up for Koh/Andrew?
Well, he says the Nitobe can't mate with humans - but that implies they can mate with other species of demon.

I'm putting my money on Koh/Clem. :)
I love how this arch really has seemed more like the tv show than most of season 8 so far. Feels good.
@Stormwreath - not that they can't, they "aren't allowed". Could be a set-up of the future challenge, future conflict, future angst. Slayer isn't allowed to love vampires. Nitobu aren't allowed to love humans.

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Or how about a combination of Koh and Illyria?

[ edited by Southern Brother From Another Mother on 2011-11-30 17:51 ]
If they're specifically not allowed, it means it's been an issue at some point...
Kyllyria FTW

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