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November 30 2011

Jeremy Renner talks about The Avengers. He's not a fan of purple tights.

Ugh, he said the H-word.
Doesn't seem very enthused about much, does he? Not even the biopic he's starring in. Maybe that means he's ... Grounded? Something like that.
Ugh, he said the H-word.


(I assume that was spellcheck or something.)
It very well could have been the author of the article that wrote Josh.
Another interview has him saying Joss, and I would guess after working with the guy for fourish months he's probably got it down.
Not to mention working with him on a previous project.
It's odd that in the previous paragraph, the spelling was correct. I think this boo-boo goes on the editor.

50 ?! I wouldn't have guessed (although I probably should have).

I hope the directors of the new Bourne film remember that adding motion to the camera (to make it "realistic") does not have to be the same as queasy-cam. In the last Bourne film and the last Bond film, the shaking was so bad I could not follow the action at all (which defeats the purpose of an action scene).
I'm sure he know's Joss' name, and this was a typing error.

Unrelated and probably unimportant, I'm not so sure he worked with Joss on Angel, and I'm sure Renner doesn't have enough screen time on The Avengers to have been working on the show for 4 months. :)

Jeremy is 40, I think he was referencing future films when talking about being 50.

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Well Renner appeared during mid-season 1 so I imagine Joss was probably on set during those early days.
Just another example of poor editing on the internet, I'm sure. I highly doubt they'll do a Hawkeye movie, but those comic book coffers could be coming up empty in the next decade so never say never I suppose. Hopefully this Josh Sweden person has written some good lines for Renner to work with and he's established as a cool character.
Wait... Joe Sweden is making a Robin Hood movie starring Jeremy Renner as a purple man? Sounds great!

Also, I doubt a Hawkeye movie will ever see the light of day, but you never know I guess... Personally, I still really want to see a Dr. Strange movie.
Based on a few murmurs out of Marvel Studios, I think you're going to get your wish on the Dr. Strange movie. They could do all sorts of fun things with that.

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