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November 30 2011

One Series Wonders article from the Guardian. The launch of Charlie's Angels on E4 tonight prompts the Guardian to drag out the "one series wonders" template. blah blah favourite BDHs blah blah etc.

'Altogether less enjoyable Serenity'? They say that like it's an objective fact or something. I for one think Serenity was glorious, and a brilliant ending that makes the series feel complete.
I do like Firefly a lot but I prefer Serenity.
I feel the opposite - I like Serenity a lot but I solidly prefer Firefly.

Also, blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah.
I couldn't agree more with your second point there.
I like them both, the movie was a terrific extension and resolution, and blah blah blah blah.
They done an article a while back when Mitch Hurwitz first announced that the Netflix Arrested Development deal was closed to being done and they basically said a similar thing. The Guardian don't like themselves any Serenity.
I knew when I read that comment in the article it was going to get a response. I still agree with it though. I've always thought Firefly was a better television series than Serenity was a movie. Not a slam though; that's my usual reaction to TV series as motion pictures. I don't dislike Serenity though. At least it wasn't Peacekeeper Wars. *shudder*
I like Peacekeeper Wars. I thought it was a better conclusion to Farscape than Serenity was to Firefly.
Serenity lacks the ensemble feeling of Firefly, being very much Mal and River's story. It still is great, but it definitely felt as though the rest of the cast needed more to do and I would agree it wasn't as good because of this.

And, wahoo Studio 60! It seems that people are starting to cotton onto the fact that it was brilliant.

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Less enjoyable and less good are not the same thing as not enjoyable and not good... Serenity is less good than Firefly, but it is still very good...

Vandelay - I loved Studio 60 too, I don't understand all the hate it sometimes gets (like in the comments on the article). It had it's weak points, but most shows do. I think a huge problem was people wanting it to focus more on the SNL-type show within the show, and complaining that it wasn't funny enough, but I thought the some of the sketches on the show within the show were funnier than most of what SNL does now...

Random side note, it's amusing that Sarah Paulson is connected to 3 of the 5 listed. She was in S60 and American Gothic, and was in Serenity, so tied to Firefly...

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