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November 30 2011

Dollhouse comics and more Buffy S8, now digital. Dollhouse: Epitaphs (including the original one-shot), and issues 26-30 of Buffy S8 are now up at the Dark Horse digital store. Each run is also available as a bundle, slightly cheaper. And according to Dark Horse, as from December 14th "all titles from Dark Horse Comics will be on sale the same day in both print and digital format".

I wish these were easier to read on a laptop(I tried the free Spike comic and the fullscreen version had too small text and the zoom in function cut of the panels in a bad way). I would save so much money on import fess and shipping.
Cool. Bought the Dollhouse bundle. Do we have any idea how long the lag is for titles like Angel and Faith?
The last Dollhouse issue is three weeks old, and now available digitally. So I'd say that at most. Hopefully they're working up to same day of release.

They'd better be--I only just got into Star Wars: Knight Errant digitally, and I'm already jonesing bad for the next issue! (Being on this site, I feel obligated to mention that it stars a strong, female character.)

Oh, hello. Look what they just posted: "Beginning December 14, all titles from Dark Horse Comics will be on sale the same day in both print and digital format, allowing new-technology readers to access their favorite comics at the same time as their print-oriented counterparts."

Niels Shiny indeed! Dec 14. Noted.
I added that bit of new info to the entry.

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