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December 01 2011

Brand new poster for 'The Cabin in the Woods'! Ain't It Cool News has the exclusive.

This is one kick ass poster. April 13 in UK, US and Canada, beginning of May in some Europe areas. Websites not yet live -- (US) and (UK).

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I like it. It's really growing on me.
Oh I like that! It looks really cool!
I'm very excited by the Cabin news, and can't wait to see the trailer!

And I'm still hoping that it gets released here in Brazil, I'm considering writing to Santa and asking for that as a xmas gift...
Oh, look. It says "A Mutant Enemy Production". We will be getting our first big-screen "grr, argh"?
Well, I don't know that I want to see the movie because I really don't like horror, but I DEFINITELY want that poster. So Cool!
Doesn't a pivoting Rubik cabin deserve a SPOILER tag? ;-)
Wow, this is really awesome. This would have gotten me interested in the movie even without Joss, Drew, and all the wonderful actors involved!

And BreathesStory, I'm with you: I want this poster!
Oh I love this, it's a puzzle.
Oh, this is good.

And: "Joss answered instantly, 'The Ballerina"'- and Drew answered, '1 armed PATIENCE'."

; ] I'm hearting that eversomuch.

I too love "that Saul Bass guy". He's, you know, okay, if you like really talented designers and that kind of thing.

(Also, one point about the article: Drew Goddard? Also Cloverfield. So there's that.)
Really cool poster! I also noticed the Mutant Enemy thing and wondered the same thing about the "Grr! Arrgh!" bit. I can't wait to see this thing.
If we do get a Grrr Arrgh in it and I don't get to see it in the big screen, I'll cry. Seriously. Dear powers that be, release this movie here too!!!
Yes, Ain't It Cool News, this poster is indeed cool.
That is a very cool poster. Joss is taking over the cinemas next spring! I'm so curious how this movie is going to look since this is the first thing we've ever seen Drew direct. With Joss we have seen alot of stuff directed by him so we have a idea on what visual style he will deploy in his next feature but Drew is a total question mark visually.
Reminds me of the movie The Cube. Very intriguing.
Oooooo Want.

This also makes me want to run up and down the halls screaming "It's happening, it's happening, it's really really happening!!!" Even though there were posters before...

I'm indecisive about the trailer... I want to see it because I've been wanting at least some tiny glimpse for so long, but I don't want to be spoiled on anything... I wish it was going to be a shorter, more teaser-like trailer. Maybe I'll just watch half of it...
The question I have is the Rubik's cube something that really happens, or just a metaphor? Or both? Either way, I'm there opening night!
Great poster. Kind of reminds me of "Time Bandits."
This poster is freaking awesome. I LOVE it, and wish I could have framed copy hanging on my wall.

Maxsummers, let me join in hoping we get theatrical distribution down here.

Hopefully, gossi can keep us not in those already mentioned markets updated on new distribution deals.

Wonder how Lionsgate deals work, with foreign markets. One of their upcoming major releases in 2012, is the adaptation for the first Hunger Games, which down here will be distributed by Paris Filmes, same company that's been making a lot of money with the distribution of the Twilight movies.
I still can't believe that this movie is finally happening, and that is one cool poster.

Does anybody else get a "Saw" vibe from it? I'm guessing that's down to the use of white.
This is a really fantastic movie poster. I want to see this movie so badly.
FYI, if you missed the other thread today, the trailer is rumored to be coming on Monday.

Much better than the last lot of posters I've seen for this.
Cool. The site's a bit interactive; I can make the crow/raven fly off and the building glow red in that one spot. I wish there was just a bit more... (hint)
The poster is so cool. And the website is kinda creepy too. Hee. Hope they show this in my country. Murrr.
Can anyone make out what, if anything, the glowing red text says?

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Well, I have a sneaking suspicion the text is upside down because it is "over" a doorway. (Not that I guess it means that much on that cabin.) My screen capture attempts are just too pixilated when blown up, plus I can't seem to do it fast enough to get all of it before the letters start to cool off, darn it.
BreathesStory Cool! And there is a hand and something else occurring in the middle row window.

That is one damn nifty poster. I so hope this movie hits theaters in small towns in tiny European countries, and I hope it'll turn up here simultaneously with the American release. Because There's been plenty of waiting already. I usually don't care much for horror films, but I enjoyed Cloverfield, and this one I'm very excited about.
If they climb out a window and into the Joshua Tree National Park at the end, that'd be an homage.
It somehow reminds of "The Cube" and "Saw", but I like the poster. However, I like this fan-made one even more.

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That really is a very cool poster. This is helping to easy my Serenity movie poster trauma's from a few years back ;).
Ooh, nice, I really like it.
Old-time Bass fan here, thanking QG for the link.

I'm imagining how that poster could be "Bassed" into a title sequence, rotating and allowing peeks through windows ... eventually maybe loosening up, coming apart...
I heart this poster. I want to marry it. Actually, two things the poster points out that I didn't know before and am now extra excited: Peter Deming (Evil Dead 2, the Scream franchise) is the cinematographer and David Julyan (Memento, The Descent) is the composer! :)
Okay, what does that poster say to me without reading all of the comments first? It says: "something more than three-dimensional". I wouldn't want to speculate more than that, but it's what I got the instant I looked at it. Very, very cool poster and I used to be really into collecting them. Carry on.

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