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December 01 2011

Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets the porn parody treatment. "I guess you're really not a pop cultural phenomenon until someone makes a porn parody about you so... congrats Buffy! I can't even tell you how much I love that the writer's name is Josh Wheldon..." (Link is safe for work, but the original source is not.)

Lol, this is old news. Like nearly twenty years old . . .
A true classic:

Buffay the Vampire Layer :-DDD

And btw... ;-)
Oh my lord.

I'll probably watch it though! *no shame*

I hope we get some Angel on Spike action. >.<
For all the girl-on-girl action I'm sure these types of things like to employ, it's funny that Willow's with a man.
What's most peculiar is that, if you take it out of context and just tunnel in (snerk) on Lexi Belle's "patrolling" shot, I could... actually buy that. Like, if I had no idea that that was porn, or that it was old, and this was like a promo still for a relaunch? I could kinda buy that. I mean, when you compare it to the David E. Kelley Wonder Woman costume and all.
They never add Cordelia. Man, what a hell of a woman.
I'm with Anuris, I've always considered 'Buffay the Vampire Layer' the pinnacle of Buffy Porn Parody.
I genuinely can't tell which element intrigues me most: that Jenny is in it or that, apparently, there's an adult film star called April O' Neil. Nifty...?
I hear silicone stakes are all the rage. But they're not so pointy, thank goodness.
I realise it's the done thing to be hip and knowing about parody porn but I just find it tacky and exploitative. And leeching off what Joss and co did too. The whole concept may be protected for the meantime cause of the parody thing but I'd love to see the like of Disney take these guys on.
I watched the X-files porn parody that people were talking about last year (What? It was research! Don't judge me!) and it was pretty much like watching a live-action version of a porny fic. The people who made that one were clearly fans themselves.
It's parody. That generally falls under fair use. Some of the titles might be in a questionable area (in that a lot of them just use the original title and add "a XXX parody" or something like that), but parodies that get sued for copyright infringement hardly ever lose. When the trailer drops, it'll probably become more or less clear if they're being exploitative or just having a bit of fun. While there's a lot of exploitation in the porn industry, I don't think it's particularly fair to assume by default that something's exploitative just because it's porn. There are geeks in porn too, and sometimes they wanna spoof things. I see no reason to whine about it. Although if it's more fanfic than parody, there may indeed be a legal issue. Nobody sued the Star Trek TNG porn parody though, and I heard that was like a lost episode of the show but with added intercourse, so Viacom might actually have a case there. But they know it won't serve them any good, because these porn parodies (even when the word "parody" is used very loosely) are not in any way damaging to the properties they spoof, because the titles are usually enough to inform shoppers that it's not the real thing.

April O'Neil is a friend of Chris Hardwick and Wil Wheaton. Big geek apparently (or obviously). I know this because of Hardwick's Nerdist Podcast. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she's a fan of the show.
I see no reason to whine about it.

Was I whining? And there's a difference between spoofing and leeching. This is just someone waving the "fair use" flag and raking it in. It may be legal but it stinks.
I've watched the beginning of these things before, (before they, y'know, turn into porn) and I'm always impressed at how well they capture the essence of the shows. Scrubs has a funny one.
The recent upswing in porn parodies is most likely a response to the rampant online piracy that's forcing the pornographic industry to think of new ways (or in this case bring back old ways) of getting an audience interested in buying full movies rather than watching single scenes on unlicensed streaming sites. Perhaps it's a desperate move, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The porn industry is full of hard working people, and they do need to get paid. If that means trying to make their work entertaining on more levels by having a bit of fun with pop culture, I say let 'em try. If they manage to work harder on making their scripts more entertaining, more power to 'em. I'm not a porn fan myself, but I respect these people's freedom of expression and their right to spoof, and can't imagine these parodies being much worse or more leechy than the waste products Friedberg & Seltzer have been cranking out into mainstream cinema in recent years.
This made me laugh (and curious)!/JoshWheldonXXX/status/142847128262283264

Showed a lead actress from Buffy some photos from the porn parody. When she saw Spike, she said “That’s wrong on so many levels.” #BuffyXXX

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