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December 01 2011

The official website for The Cabin in the Woods. It's now live! Featuring the poster graphic but this version is spookier.

Very spooky. Can anyone tell what the red writing says on the house?
Not so far. I even zoomed in and turned my head upside down. For a moment I thought part of it might be "Mordecai" (the film's shooting title), but it's just not clear enough.
Looks nice but ready for some content.
That noise makes my speakers uncomfortable. I should probably get new ones.

And before anyone else gets around to it, here's a poster spoof in the name of fair use: Click this link?

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Haha at first I thought the wastewater pipe was an arm with blood dripping.. I soo need my glasses!
But I soo can't wait for the cabin, we were waiting for so long , it's time :D
Can anyone tell what the red writing says on the house?

Mother's milk is red today?
I was going to post this in the topic about the poster but I wasn't sure if anyone would see it or not. I just realized that no one has pointed out that the poster has a "RATED R" tag on the bottom. I didn't know they gave out ratings that early? Is that normal?

R-rated Joss. It makes one wonder. I'm not too good with gore, but I'll make an exception for this one.
"From the writer of Cloverfield and producer Joss Whedon"

That's a really strange 'acknowledgment'.
'Well, you know, some guy who's to remain nameless because who cares, really; but he wrote Cloverfield, but lets move on to the more important stuff'.

Why this phrasing?
This is sad but I just spent 10 minutes trying to touch the crow with my curser every time it flew in. It waits for you then flies off, I swear!

No idea about the red (if you are slow like me, you have to move the curser over it to make it "glow") ... are we sure its words?

Anyone else find anything that reacts?
Puck, I suspect they are going for the "Cloverfield" audience. If they say "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Serenity," people will think "Horror comedy" or "science fiction." For peole who already know and adore Joss Whedon, great; for people who don't, they won't be confused.

eddy, it's normal for a rating to be given once there is a final cut of the film. This means that "Cabin" is finalized. Wahoo! (And also, it's been finalized for, like, forever.)
Website will have the trailer up "soon".
I'm not a fan of horror in general and gore specifically, but I'm going to make an exception for this. (I did the same for Slither and wasn't sorry, not one bit)

Soon isn't soon enough for the trailer to get here.
Soon isn't soon enough for the trailer to get here.

What about Monday, which is the current operating theory/rumor based on film outlets on Twitter?

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ebeep99, I found one more. Touch the hand.
Nothing happens when I touch the hand that doesn't happen whenI don't touch the hand. Did they update the site and mine's cached?
FWIW, you can't really make it out on the Flash version, but on the 300dpi poster, it's pretty clear that there's writing all over that segment of the Rubik's Cabin. I Can't make any of it out, though. It could be nonsense.
Hmmm, maybe my flash wasn't working the first time. I thought you had to touch the the hand to get the arm, but now they are both there without my doing anything. Also, I can't read the red writing either.
FWIW, the film should open on May 2 in Belgium.
Okay, compiling release dates from current Rentrak data.

United States: April 13
United Kingdom & Ireland: April 13
Bulgaria: April 13
France: April 25
Belgium: May 2
Netherlands: May 3
Argentina: June 14
Mexico: June 22
Brazil: August 17

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While waiting until August while everyone else has seen it will be hard, I will not complain about it, I'm just super happy we'll get it released here!!! Thanks for the info, bix!
In Russia The Cabin In the Woods premiers April, 12, according to Kinobusiness website.
Hey you guys get to see it first! Kudos.
IMDb lists Sweden as April 12 as well, although neither that or Russia is popping up in the Rentrak data yet.
I hope IMDb is right about Sweden being April 12 rather than never. I'd quite like to see this picture on the big screen.

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