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December 01 2011

Juliet Landau sees "The Yellow Wallpaper". Check out an international teaser trailer for an adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's gothic horror tale "The Yellow Wallpaper," co-starring our very own previously-undead-and-crazy Juliet Landau.

I was just reading the summary of this story on Wikipedia earlier today! What a coincidence. This looks scary as hell by the way.
Love "The Yellow Wallpaper", I actually am really eager to see this.
"The Yellow Wallpaper" was just referenced on "American Horror Story" last week.
So let me get this straight- Joss is directing a ton of favorite Whedonverse actors in Much Ado About Nothing, and then Juliet Landau is starring in The Yellow Wallpaper? I don't think my little literary nerd heart can take much more of this! :)
I saw a short "Yellow Wallpaper" film during an English class once and it was (everyone agreed) terrible. I remember thinking that it wasn't a story that could be properly adapted, except perhaps as an animated short.

This trailer on its own probably wouldn't change my mind. But if Juliet Landau is in it...
It sounds like they're doing more of a loose adaptation so I won't get my feathers ruffled if it isn't "just right"... I tend to agree with you Kairos. I think I remember that same short film (yeesh.)
Huh. I just watched an episode of American Horror Story which referenced this tonight. And I thought, "I wonder if that's a real thing, or just made up for the show." Never heard of it until twice today. Weird how that happens.
Ahh...The Yellow Wallpaper...that takes me back to high school English. What a great, although extremely disturbing, short story.
Since the short story is so great I'm looking forward to see this adaptation of it.

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