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December 02 2011

(SPOILER) Once Upon a Time producers talk about Emma Caufield. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, Executive Producers of ABC's Once Upon a Time and writers from LOST, discuss Emma Caulfied's upcoming role on the show. The linked article includes a funny comment, a Buffy reference and may be spoilerish.

“We couldn’t think of anyone better to trap two children in a house and try to eat them."

Nor can I!
It's a great quote. I can see why I love this show. They've watched Buffy and...remember it.
They obviously remembered the Mayor as well. :)
It helps that they have Jane Espenson on staff, of course. :)
I didn't read the article as I hate spoilers, but I'm glad to hear Emma will be on, love that Jane is there (she wrote the last ep I think) noticed the mayor, and overall am loving the show.
Also, last year I got a pet bunny and she joined the ranks of pet bunnies named Anya (there are a lot).
Thanks for the heads-up!
BTW, Emma was a guest star on NBC's Prime Suspect this past Thursday. You can watch the episode on Hulu if it's available in your region.
And she's a guest on Leverage on Christmas, don't forget!
Great self interview by the author of Fables about Once Upon a Time.

Must read for those conspiracy theorists out there.
Nice link, IrrationaliTV.
Andrew Chambliss co-wrote tonight's episode and Josh Dallas will be livetweeting as it airs (both East and West times). I notice the show's got a lot of cast and crew doing that sort of thing so far.
Thank you for the link, IrrationaliTV. Willingham is a pretty good interviewer. He's not afraid of asking the tough questions. And Willingham, the interviewee was pretty good too. He seemed like such a honest and forthright guy. It's not often that you can actually get that kind of behind the scenes information. You could tell that the two of them just really trusted each other and felt comfortable during the interview process.

And yippie! It seems we have similar taste in stories so my world has now been validated - certified even. (Cuz that is just so important. ;-)

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