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December 02 2011

First Buffy Season 9 tpb announced. Plus a tease of the cover.

August? Sighs.
Buffy looks so peaceful and mature on the cover
Ooh. That's-a-very-pretty!
So, back to Jo Chen for covers then? Not complaining, just a bit surprised.
Oh, I love that cover! Very pretty indeed!
Looks like another season 5 promo shot was used as a reference. Like with the Last Gleaming TPB. Seems a bit lazy, but it is gorgeous.
Kinda surprised we are hearing about this before Angel and Faith. I'd think that would come first since the series started first.
Here's better look at the cover
Buffy - the zompire Slayer? The other half must be either Spike in Speedos or her demonic baby. Just making a guess.
About "August"... Why do the TPBs come out so much later than the individual issues?

I've always purchased each issue as it came out but was considering waiting for the compilations since I prefer the continuity of reading a series of connected issues close together. Today I have to go back and re-read the previous month's issues when a new one comes out to remind myself of where the story stopped.
@SteveP: Pretty sure that Scott Allie has previously stated that the trades are printed in China, and they're literally on the slowboat over to the US.

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