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December 03 2011

Dark Horse reveals details for Buffy Season 8 Hardcover collections. The first volume of the "deluxe, oversized, dust-jacketed" season eight collections will be out on May 30, 2012. It'll contain the first 10 issues, and includes two one-shots, a cover gallery, and exclusive, never-before-seen sketch material!

I'm really excited to get this.
Btw, there's a typo, you wrote harfcover not hardcover.
Well, it's better than I feared, but not as good as I hoped. I would basically be paying to see the sketch material, since I already own the TPBs and singles.

I guess the favorites in my hardcover collection will always be the After the fall HCs, which has wonderful fun extras.
Why can't i ever go to darkhorse links? It says "Forbidden- You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server."
It's not a link to Darkhorse. It's Newsarama.
I am not spending any more $$ on S8, thank you very much. Btw Jeanty's sketchbooks might be better source of sketches for the needy - he used to sell them online.
I was holding out for 1 or maybe 2 books collecting all of season 8 rather than 4. I love the HC collection of tales and was hoping for a similar book for season 8. Maybe I'll finally get the rest of the TPBs and complete my collection.
So I bought all the regular issues including the variant covers, I bought the TPB's and now I'll probably get the hardcovers.

There's a definition of insanity in there somewhere.
Which "one-shots"?

Yeah if I didn't already have the issues I'd definitely choose this format :)
I've been purchasing the collections of season 8 so far (yes, the waiting is a thing of pain and woe) so I'm unlikely to buy this - despite the cover being lush.
It was heartbreaking to see that they've created updated hard backs of firefly. I have the stories...but now they look so messy in their different sizes...

Sucker, thy name is neevil.
@ kmb99,

If it makes you feel better, for the "Sandman" comic I bought two copies of each issue (an extra during the brief time that it might have been cancelled and then to lend it out), all of the HCs, many of the TPBs and then five $100 Absolute Editions.

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