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December 04 2011

Common Rotation interview posted at Huffington Post. I've been a huge Adam Busch fan, and Common Rotation fan, since my first Buffy Convention. This really gives an insight into Common Rotation's music and the members of the trio.

I've been discussing the nature of TRUTH in ART (very Aristotle POV) with a friend online so Adam Busch's idea that all storytelling is lies is particularly interesting to me. And of course I always love a lively discussion about Woody Allen films!

I don't think this podcast with both Adam Busch and Tom Lenk ever got linked on Whedonesque. This is a good a place as any to throw it in, I think. It's fun and well worth a listen. :)
Hmm, sounds like a plausible philosophy.

While it's not an exact likeness, I see a close resemblance when I look in a mirror, he says.

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