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"I swallowed a bug."
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December 04 2011

Adam Baldwin on guitar. The hero of Canton rockin out.

...there is no fear of looking like an effeminate man...because he's all man.

Maybe I'm misreading the linked post, but I'd think that the actual test of a "real man" is not giving a rat's ass whether he looked effeminate holding a Hello Kitty guitar or not.
"A man plays a tune on that guitar, people know he's not afraid of anything"

"Damn straight"
"Get dressed up, you get taken out somewhere nice."
(approximately - - been a while)
I'm pretty sure I know how to test for sure whether Adam's a Real ManTM, but I don't think I feel comfortable administering the test what with me being a complete stranger and not really being willing to risk an arrested for peeping thomasina-ness and stalking. (Let's not even think about the Crocodile Dundee Real Man TestTM. Not going to risk that one either.)

I want to know what he was playing...Pretty in Pink? Pink Cadillac? Cat's in the Cradle? Bo Diddley? Kumbaya?
@ The One True b!X - I seem to be reading it the same way.

I'm also uncertain as to why I would need to "grow up" if I can't see the author's point. Was there was some "Pinocchio" type confusion regarding Adam Baldwin that I missed?
Given the nature of the entry, I've changed the link to the original source (which is what we try to do here any way - credit where credit is due and all that).

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