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December 05 2011

The Cabin in the Woods visual companion reannounced. Now with artwork, foreword from Drew, and afterword with Joss. Does not come with a cabin. In the woods.

Cool. Will wait to see if I actually like the movie (which I very probably will), but this certainly looks like a potential buy :).
Definitely. Excited to pick this up after I (also most certainly) enjoy watching the movie.
I know the manga tie-in is still up in the air but the novelisation and Dark Horse min-series are still scheduled for release?
I think the DH comics are dead. I think SA said in an interview Joss and Drew decided not to do them. Could be wrong of course (hope I am) but if they were coming out there isn't much time left for solicitations.
Well that's a shame, I'm trying to make inquiries about the manga tie-in but I have a feeling that's dead too.
I'm so excited for this. I love me a good visual companion. The Serenity one was top-notch.

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