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December 05 2011

The Cabin in the Woods international release dates. b!X has compiled the (distributor supplied) Rentrak data to give current release dates for the UK, Bulgaria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.

What about Spain? :(
The absence of a country on the list doesn't necessarily mean it isn't being released there, just that there's no listing yet. I might put back online as an international release dates list.
Yessss, very glad The Netherlands is on the list :). Thanks for the compilation, b!X!
Yayyyy! Brazilllllllllll!!! :-D
I asked the Swedish distributor - Noble Entertainment - a few months ago when they'd release it here, and they said it would probably be this spring.

So that's about as far from a confirmation you can get, but it's something... :p
Thanks PAAATE, that gives me hope that I don't have to travel to London for the premiere...
Australia anyone? :(
Unknown re Australia. I've heard Canada is April 13.

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