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December 05 2011

Our first look at 'The Cabin in the Woods' trailer. It's finally here, the first trailer for Joss and Drew Goddard's horror film, 'The Cabin in the Woods', at long last freed from development hell.

I'm in class right now, so I can't watch this until later. But I CAN'T WAIT!
It's very spoilery. Just for info. But I love it so.

Yahoo! movie distributes trailers in, frankly, terrible quality - if you got QuickTime installed, clicky here for 1080p goodness.
This. Looks. AWESOME. I love how it starts like every horror trailer you've ever seen, then slowly morphs into more and more insanity. A trailer worthy of a frame by frame dissection. This is going to be brilliant.
WOW! So, that's not what I expected, but I'm finally starting to understand the tagline "You think you know the story." This is a horror movie that appears to be like no other horror movie. The requisite monsters and murderers abound, but there is some other nefarious force (of human control) trying to subvert our plucky heroes. If only it is the Rossum Corporation coming back for more!
If this only comes out in the States, and not in the UK, I will be very upset. I need to see this film!!!!
If you link directly to the Yahoo trailer that site embeds, you get other format options. FWIW, it was never really in development hell, only release hell.

International release dates can be found in one of the other threads. UK is same day as the US.

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Very very exciting! I have a lot of friends who don't get my love for Joss, and they are not into geeky stuff as I am, but this is something they can all enjoy, and I can point to the screen when Joss' name comes up and be like "JOSS!!! JOSS!!!!!", and it will be awesome!!!

Back to the trailer, I really liked it, seems like the kind of horror movies I like, and I'm excited to finally see the movie and find out what happens!
I said this on Twitter but it looks like Saw and The Truman Show had an evil kid, and it's this movie
SUPER trippy! I am so excited!
Looks very Fran heavy which I love but they probably should've put more Hemsworth in there or pointed out that he's in it "Starring Thor's Chris Hemsworth".
You can find links to the various quality versions here
This looks absolutely insane. But I can't wait. I agree with gossi, very much more spoilery than I had hoped, but I just had to watch it anyway.

I can also tell I'm going to love Fran's character. His line reading of, "Really?" was just perfect. And so Fran.
I am also really psyched about how Fran heavy it looks, and the "lets split up thing" was so Joss
You can find links to the various quality versions here

Or just on the actual Yahoo site which is where they are all from. ;)
Creepy doll people!
Has anyone found a mobile (iPhone) friendly version? Internet connection at work today is so slow I can barely even load the web sites I'm in the process of developing, let alone a full movie trailer, so I'm trying to watch on my phone. The Yahoo versions aren't playing nice though :(
Wooo, Cabin trending worldwide on Twitter right now!
I love the trailer. I haven't read the script so this is the first time I actually found out what the movie will be like. But I don't understand one thing. Why don't they shine the spotlight Chris Hemsworth? It's not like the Jesse Eisenberg- Camp Hell situation, Chris is an important part of the movie as far as I know.

And why say "Producer Joss Whedon"? If I didn't know, there's no way for me to understand that Joss co-wrote this, which should be a good selling point, especially with "The Avengers" coming. I though the trailer would go like "Joss Whedon, writer of The Avengers and Drew Goddard, writer of Cloverfield"

I tweeted to Lionsgate but didn't get a reply. Horror movies do especially well here so I am hoping this will be released here in Turkey on April too. I don't go to horror movies, I am too stressed out when I do, but I'll definitely make an exception for this.
I can already tell that this will become one of my all time favourite horror movies. <3
Oh god, that was so much more than I thought it would be from the script. Yup, I'm freaking out now.
Damn that was hugely spoilery (well maybe not as I've not seen the film itself obviously), and did make me think of Cube.
What Simon said! I have to admit, it's been so long since this one's been in the can that I'm OK with some spoilerage. Or spoileriferousness. Gimmie gimmie!
This looks like your typical shitty horror movie. Hopefully, it's just a bad trailer.
The trailer contains about the same amount of info as was revealed at the time. So not that spoilery?
Oh, for a workplace that didn't block videos! I guess I'll watch this when I get home. Can't wait!
Under Rug Swept, it actually does say it's written by Joss and Drew.

This looks like I want to see it. I probably wouldn't if it wasn't a Joss movie, but I'm taking 2012 as the year where I see Joss things on huge screens. I'm game.

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Maybe it wasn't spoilery?

"You think you know the story..."

Okay, pipe dream there. It's probably is a bit spoilery, what with the behind the scenes technology stuff and the "redneck reveal" and all. It also looks like that poster representation of the cabin might be a tad more realistic than I had at first thought. ( I also thought "Cube.")

*sigh* Well, damn. It definitely looks interesting. ("Define interesting.") And I Just. Don't. Do. Horror. EVER.

Maybe... I could watch it when it comes out on DVD with all the lights on, plenty of room to pace, and the pause button glued to my thumb...
Meep! That was far scarier than I really wanted. Like BreatheStory I don't do horror, but I feel an exception coming on.

Might have to be viewed from behind the sofa.
That tagline -- "You think you know the story" -- is still true even after you've seen the trailer.
Someone said the music is from Lost Highway.
Was Amy Acker absent from the trailer, or have I just forgotten what she looks like?

Anyway, this was awesome. :)
I suppose she's part of the "bad guys"
It might just be a cameo appearance.
You know... (Yep. Rewatched it again. Heh.) that's quite a strange looking mix of technology there:

A possible Two Way Mirror
Futuristic Giant Force Field/Bug Zapper
Nasa Control Station Circa 1970 - but with modern monitors
Modern Elevators
Ancient/Fantasy Culture Liquidworks
Mitholas, I completely missed that they state the writers at the end, thank you. But still, they could've pointed out the writer of The Avengers and star of Thor are key players here during the trailer.

Toying with the cliches is a dangerous thing. When the writer and the director do a bad job, they just end up reusing the cliche they are trying to make fun of. This trailer seemed like a generic horror movie with the hot guys and girls. The sex scene is there, the young victims are there etc. The only moment I saw what Joss has been talking about this movie was the splitting up scene and Fran's awesome line delivery of "Really?" I'm just scared that this will turn out to be a regular teen slasher and nothing special. This trailer makes it seem like one.

I love Joss obviously, and I have faith in Drew Goddard. Cloverfield was absolutely awesome. But I just wish the trailer was better.
@gossi - Thanks for throwing it up on Youtube, finally got to watch! :D

Also wondered about the lack of Amy. She's listed as being part of the cast in most places so I would tend to think it's a decent part, or at least bigger than a cameo. We'll see though.

April can't get here fast enough.
That was incredible. I'm just dying to see this movie now - creepy monster people and all. The whole, "Do we want it to go down?" Oh my gosh, that just killed me. I hope this has some sort of midnight premiere!

I was also disappointed we didn't see Amy Acker, or Bradley Whitford. Does anyone know if there will be another trailer? Maybe we'll see more in that.
My understanding is there will be two trailers and maybe some clips. However if you're going to go watch it anyway, my take is do not over-saturate yourself with the movie before watching it. The less you know the more you will enjoy it.
Hell yeah!!! BRING IT ON!!!
That tagline -- "You think you know the story" -- is still true even after you've seen the trailer.

You think you know what's to come. *nods*
Yes, I had been thinking "The Cube" from the poster too. I loved that movie, so I'm fine with any similarity there.
Well, what do you know? The movie really exists! :-D

The trailer is good, but could contain more moemorable quotes (Joss's trademark) and be a little more "playful" and make more fun of the genre. Now, it seems that it will be a bit wilder and crazier horror movie than it seems at first sight, but still a horror movie (with all that that entails) nonetheless. The trailer should send out a more subversive vibe - imho, of course. ;-)
I liked the trailer - it's more than enough 'regular fun horror movie' and 'pretty people in distress' to drag in the usual horror movie crowd (which isn't too shabby in size :)) and has a couple of winks that say 'this isn't your run-of-the-mill movie' to draw in the curious looking for something different.

Shame the budget wasn't higher though, as that giant bug-zapp effect looked crappy ;). Other than that (and the fact I'm not a horror fan): I'm really looking forward to this one.

Oh, and yes: I also thought they should've advertised the fact that this features Chris Hemsworth a bit more. He's (literally) huge right now, after Tor did great and with Avengers coming up.
I was excited to see Richard Jenkins but I still was curious to see Whitford, I totally didnt expect something on this large a scale.
I was also disappointed we didn't see Amy Acker, or Bradley Whitford.

Bradley Whitford (and Richard Jenkins, for that matter) was visible in the trailer (albeit from behind).
Finally! Spent 40 minutes trying to get my speakers to work. Had to reboot the computer.

Can't wait for the movie.
I like the trailer, but yeah, I think it does look like a pretty standard horror movie, a few moments inside (anything to do with Franz is great). But I'm hoping that since we saw so little of Jenkins and Whitford, and didn't see Amy at all, that the film itself is gonna be a lot less standard. Plus, you know, Joss.
The video on the link doesn't seem to be working correctly for me and neither do the downloads (doesn't actually seem to be downloading anything besides a very small file.) I've only managed to watch up until "So you think you know the story...", which is probably around about when spoilery stuff starts happening. Definitely think it is a sign that I should stick to my guns and go into this as oblivious to what it is about as possible.

@Anuris - Personally, I'm very happy that this is looking like an actual horror film, rather than veering too close to the "playful"ness you mention. Maybe it is just that I'm a big horror fan, but it sounds like they are getting it just about right; subverting the genre, rather than mocking it is something I'm hoping the film does. Certainly don't want standard, but I sure want Joss to make a real horror film.
Btw, from the discussion on YouTube...

My thoughts also. If anyone actually dies in this movie (and from what I've heard, I think they will - even though it's supposed to be a twist on the genre), then the last shot basically spoils the 2 last survivors - ...

You could say that it's all part of the false expactations game, but I think that the people behind the trailer just screwed it up. :-D

ETA spoiler tags - just in case... ;-)

[ edited by Anuris on 2011-12-05 22:17 ]
I really doubt the trailer is signaling exactly who dies and in what order. I was expecting something a bit strange but was actually not expecting it to be some kinda robot house of doom. With a force field? That's a thoughtful touch, if that's what that was. Always hire a professional for your futuristic killing architecture needs.
It's very spoilerly and yet not spoilerly at the same time.

Read the script literally years ago and really liked it. Can't wait.
As I keep saying. "You think you know the story." This is true even after you watch the trailer.
Sunfire: Well I'm not saying that people will die in exactly the same order as in the YouTube comment, but the last shot definitely seems like it's taken from the final part of the movie with the last two protagonists left... who, coincidentally, also appear like the the usual suspects for making it that far, since jocks or whores or whatever usually don't last very long... So maybe we are led to believe a false cliche just to be surprised in the end or this is actually the one part of the movie that doesn't try to be subversive but instead follows the common unwritten laws of the horror genre...

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Have to say, the force field killed the fun for me a little, but the "Really?" scene brought it back.
Just watched the trailer.Looks really cool.
I have the weirdest boner right now.
I don't think you can assume that the two in the elevator are the last two left. (You could be right of course.) I think it IS safe to assume that for some reason they all are split up. Really. ;-)
Sigfodr - I love your comment. Long live "Community"!

As for the trailer, I love it. But I knew, and had already decided, that I would. As for it being spoilery, it's funny, a friend of mine linked the trailer on Facebook and specifically mentioned that he's glad it doesn't give away too much. I myself don't feel particularly spoiled; just intrigued and excited.
Seconded. Long Live Abed. And the rest of "Community" too. If it doesn't come back, NBC will be banned. Unless it were to pick up a Joss show.

I feel a little spoiled, I feel like I know now more than I wanted to yet... but I'll be ok as long as I don't allow myself to watch the trailer again and again and start trying to really look at every scene that quickly goes by. I don't think I could have not watched it, the wait has just been way too long. Ooooooh and Fran Kranz's "Really?" Can't wait for all the Fran Kranzness we'll get next year along with all the Jossness!
Hunger Games! I knew there was something in the back of my mind that vaguely reminded me of the trailer.
I was just thinking Hunger Games too, which might be fortuitous for them if they come out first. A bunch of young pretty people (though here over 18) being lured into some sort of game masterminded by some others? Except with different weird imagery like a girl about to kiss a taxidermied wolf head?

I think the line that pushed me over was Franz's incredulous "...Really?" which gives me hope about the tone. (Also it seemed like the blonde girl who I assume is meant to be the stereotypically hot girl got a relatively smart line with the GPS complaint? It seems like “she speaks with a strange evenness and selects her words a shade too precisely” rather than being a straight up dumb blonde since there are so many other ways of complaining about a useless GPS.)
Love it. The music reminded me of Lost Highway.. perhaps the same song? Anyone know?
XanMan and DreamRose311 - It was actually Whedonesque that turned me onto Community, thanks to the Firefly reference in the first documentary episode and Enver in his episode. Now, I'm obsessed. Thanks Whedonesque!

Also, is this still going to be in 3D. I don't care either way, I'm seeing it in 2D if it is.
I loved it. I like these kind of films anyway so to have a Whedon take on them is going to be great. Already loving the...

"We should split up!"


Also, is this still going to be in 3D.

It's not supposed to be, no.
Read all the books and seen all the trailers so far. This does not remotely look anything like the Hunger Games. Not even close.
Maurissa posted the trailer on Facebook and like a lemming, I watched it. While impressed, I really wish I hadn't because I had a premonition when I saw the poster and the trailer confirmed it. Maybe I'll forget what I saw between now and opening day ... I hope. If I light a million incense sticks, Buddha? Didn't think so.
I continue to read here and there that people who've read the script are saying this trailer does not, in fact, spoil the real twists of the film. So that's something.
I hope that's true.
"You think you know the story."
The last song is Marilyn Manson's cover of Screamin' Jay Hawkins's "I Put a Spell on You", which is indeed on The Lost Highway soundtrack, and was - perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not - produced by the very same Trent Reznor of NIN who wrote the song in The Avengers trailer.

Maybe Joss is a NIN fan?

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Looks awesome! I'm there with popcorn!
madmolly, there's a in a forest. I've read and watched too. I think there is a bit of a similarity, although they're obviously tonally completely different.
So many chewy thoughts...
I can't read through all the comments right now, but did anyone else think "Hunger Games" at the sight of that honey-comb forcefield?
I see some of you have. Well, the HG trilogy is pretty gory and violent. At least there's that in common.
Fun tidbit, we were shooting Lust For Love today when the trailer hit. Showed it to an excited Fran and others. He really liked it and is excited to see the movie when it comes out. Beforehand he seemed nervous about the trailer and how he might be portrayed in it, but seemed pretty happy with the result. He was also stoked about the movie trending worldwide!
I don't think the trailer is very spoilery and I think if it were any less spoilery, it might give a completely wrong impression.

You should tell Fran that he's clearly a standout from the trailer already, if the reaction here is any indication.
I remember that Marilyn Manson song being a huge part of the ad campaign for The Sixth Sense. It was in all the TV spots, especially.

There are a few possibilities as to why Whedon and Hemsworth's involvement in The Avengers and Thor, respectively isn't being promoted or pushed here:
1. The Avengers' release date is relatively close to Cabin In The Woods, which would put them in competition with each other, in some areas/markets. Since they're produced/distributed by different companies (Disney/Marvel/Paramount for The Avengers, Lionsgate for Cabin In The Woods), one is not likely to give free publicity to the other.

2. The Avengers isn't out yet, so they'd prefer not to play a card that hasn't been dealt before, meaning they don't know for certain if the film will be a critical and/or commercial success that they can then use to their advantage. Cloverfield, even though it came from Paramount, they can totally use to sell their movie. For one, it's a Horror film that's already proven its value, not to mention it came out years ago, so Cabin isn't in danger of losing business to it if they mention it. I doubt enough people (or anyone, really) see this and go, "Oh yeah, Cloverfield! I'll just stay home and watch that again, instead of going out to the cinema to see this."

3. Movies like Thor and The Avengers are PG-13 outings that skew more towards families and younger people. Putting those titles within the marketing of this film might send a mixed message, as if to say, "If you liked those movies, you'll love this! They're totally the same!" I know that's some sort of insane troll logic, but studios have to think about these things and make sure they're bringing in the right audience. If you're not careful, you end up with the Drive situation, like that Woman who is suing the makers of that film because she expected a Fast & Furious action-type movie from the trailers and TV spots, and instead got a dramatic, art-house thriller with a couple action set pieces.

4. Chris Hemsworth is already pretty well represented in this trailer. He gets a good amount of face time, I think you hear his voice more than anyone else and he's a big guy. Easy to spot.

5. This is the first trailer for a movie that's due to come out next year, four months from now and it's still 2011. I'm sure once we get closer to release, a second trailer will come out and they'll start dropping some cast names in the marketing, especially Hemsworth's.

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OK that trailer was bat**** crazy... and I loved it. I STILL have no idea what this movie's about, the imagery in that trailer spoiled nothing for me, I have no clue what I'm going to be seeing... but I know it will be awesome.
Since we all know Joss' stance on torture porn, he just has to be playing with the genre, right?
This is very very exciting.

For all the mentions about how the last few scenes of the trailer might be spoilery to the final survivors of the movie. I do wonder if we might get a movie with a different narrative, may I say OutofGas-ish. Although considering, how a major point of it is Drew and Joss playing with the standards of the genre, doing a different narrative might not work for that goal.
Dana5140: Well, the question is what is torture porn? It's a term that is thrown around a lot, but what does it really represent? Is a classical slasher with quick cut/stab/slash kinds of deaths torture porn? In that case, most of the horror films are torture porn. But that would be like saying that erotic films are porn, which they clearly aren't.

I always thought that torture porn is the kind of horror movie where they overly focus on the kills and take a little bit too much delight in the suffering of the victims... You know, like when in real porno they give a lot attention to some body parts and their visual depiction, the torture porn is also too concerned with the detail depiction of the physical destruction of the body and all the pain and hurting that it entails.

But quick, even if violent, deaths are't torture porn, imho. So if Joss wants to and it serves the script, he is allowed to go on a little killing spree in this movie, no matter what he's stance on torture porn is. And who knows, maybe the kills (if they infact do occur - and whether it's an unorthodox horror film or not, they should) will be even invalidated in some way at the end of the movie (since from what I've heard, the ending in the script that's floating around on the web is supposed to be pretty controversial and feature some kind of a twist that many people will have a hard time to digest)...

[ edited by Anuris on 2011-12-06 13:16 ]
Welllllll that looked a lot more like every other modern horror film than I expected from the earlier hype.

In Joss We Trust and all (In Drew We Trust So Long As Abrams Isn't Involved?), but I rather wish I hadn't seen the trailer at all. My mistake, I guess. NOT MY FIRST!!
I always thought that torture porn is the kind of horror movie where they overly focus on the kills and take a little bit too much delight in the suffering of the victims... You know, like when in real porno they give a lot attention to some body parts and their visual depiction, the torture porn is also too concerned with the detail depiction of the physical destruction of the body and all the pain and hurting that it entails.

Exactly - a lot more squirming-in-seat from physical pain and suffering, audience delight in the sheer amount of emotional distress, unusually authentic depictions of physical/emotional trauma...

I do trust Whedon and Goddard to know that well-adjusted grownups don't need that crap. Presumably there's something else going on in the flick.
Fran Kranz:Marty Mikalski::Jamie Kennedy:Randy Meeks?
Am I seeing things, or did they CGI Fran's joint into a cigarette, possibly for purposes of a general release trailer? Could swear it has a filter tip on it.
Intro music: The Naked And Famous - Young Blood

If anyone was searching for it like me... ;-)
I think torture porn is a movie that focuses on *torture* - that is, people being tortured, not just ambushed and killed, a la "Friday the 13th." "Hostel" or "The Human Centipede" qualify as torture porn. IMHO, "Hostel" works as a movie and "The Human Centipede" doesn't. "Friday the 13th" may be really silly and dopey, but it's not torture porn. There's nothing in the trailer that either looks like or implies torture porn, at least by my definition of the term.
It's not that there's a lot of killing here, that the point of the movie is to see people get killed. It's a Joss-penned movie... no way is this not going to be about the characters. He wants you to care about them.

Saw would be torture porn: it doesn't matter who it's happening to as long as it looks gorey.

Here, I'm presuming there will be more to the story.
There are people who think this is torture porn? Wha? Do these people know Joss? Or what torture porn even is?
Thanks, Anuris - I thought it sounded familiar.

I'm starting to think the trailer music is doing a lot more than setting the mood ... "Young Blood", heh. And "I Put a Spell on You" ... I wonder how literal this song choice will turn out to be?

And we mustn't forget "We're in This Together" for The Avengers.
"I Put a Spell on You" ... I wonder how literal this song choice will turn out to be?

In the we have to split up bit, Hemsworth's character first says 'We have to stay together'. Then something seems to seep from the vent, which seems to disorient him, and when he says 'We should split up' he looks like he's mind-controlled. This may be a clue. Then again, this may be a red herring...
Considering that Joss made his view on torture porn known in a blog post about the stoning death of an actual woman, I don't think anyone has to worry about Cabin being torture porn.
I did feel spoiled when I saw the force field-- but, like everyone keeps saying: "You think you know the story".

And I have no doubt that every single frame of that trailer was put there for a reason. I mean, it stars a recent Oscar winner who is never mentioned. They must have locked the marketing people in a closet to get away with that. So I'm not feeling spoiled anymore.

Also: mind blown, this looks incredible.
...which isn't to say Cabin doesn't feature young females dying.
Everything Joss has ever done has included people dying. I'm just making the very specific point that it's ludicrous to think this might be torture porn.
I think there's an argument to be made that it is genre porn. Force field, GPS joke, metatextual humor. And that's just the trailer.
Personally, I was hoping the blonde girl dancing meant porn-porn.

And check it out-- it's big enough news that it made the front page of Google News!
I thought Hemsworth's character looked like he had a head wound and was acting accordingly. You don't just shrug off a real concussion. It makes you a bit wonky. Of course I also speculate that


Checked out the Google News link. Joss sure is looking a little maniacal in that photo Kai took. It's a good fit for the film.


Genre porn... I like it. It does seem to describe the trailer at least. There's also those creepy doll masks.
Trailer's on the IMDb frontpage for me now. Is it for everyone or does IMDb just know I'm interested in Joss?
Tin Ear Tom, I believe some people roll cardboard filters into their joints. Mostly in Europe, I believe. Weirdos.

Btw, I'm glad I haven't read the script, but I don't see anything spoilerish in watching previews. I'm not normally a scary movie person, but if it's Joss I can't resist.

2012 is going to be Awesome. With a capital 'A'.
There will be Much Ado About Die Hard With A Vengeance. That pretty much sums up 2012 from a whedonian perspective for me. :-)
The One True B!X, oddly, I don't think "Much Ado About Nothing" has people dying. And maybe not "Toy Story." These are the Joss Whedon things I can think of where nobody dies.
I was hyperbolizing to make the point that death/horror doesn't mean torture porn.
SPOILER! Pretty sure the central plot of Much Ado hinges on the "death" of a pretty young woman. IJS
This is actually very relevant, because the most poignant line in the trailer, for me, is: "You're missing the point. They want to see us punished."

It made me wonder if that line was directed at the audience itself.
The One True B!X, sorry, I was attempting the infamous "humor through nitpicking" stunt which usually crashes and burns ... :)
Three boys (one a nerd) and two girls being punished. It's like The Breakfast Club Massacre.
Pointy, hahahahahaHA! No really, Joss wouldn't be that sadistic to nerds and women would he?
Not a scary movie person either, and I am a wee bit disquieted that the trailer is cut to look like a teen slasher flick (understandable from a marketing aspect) because I'm the type of movie-goer who's never seen the original Halloween. But it's Joss, and trailers are misleading about 80% of the time. So I'm still kind of doing a dance of joy that we get 3 Joss Whedon movies next year. Whut?
I might just be the only person here who - due to fear of it never actually getting released - is only just NOW discovering what 'cabin' may or may not be about. I'm so far out of the loop the loop and I aren't even on the same planet, but now that I've seen the trailer i need for it to come to Denmark!
dottikin, I wouldn't say his stuff is necessarily misleading. Joss aims to subvert, so a lot his work is predicated on history of the genres. Buffy especially wouldn't exist without the bad representation of female characters in horror and comic books. So while it's it's not yet genre-bending, I imagine it will be. [Insert Film Tag-Line]
Holy F...
Wikipedia says: 'The Cabin in the Woods is an upcoming American tongue-in-cheek thriller-horror film'.
How the hell is this 'tongue in cheek'??
There's no tongue, there's no cheek! (Unless maybe in a gruesome bloody slaughtery manner). This is hardcore horror!
Change it, or dispute it on the talk page! (If you find a good source, it should be no problem.)
Intriguing...if I can make myself go against my genre type to see "Slither" on the big screen, I will most definitely go see "Cabin" upon release. I await to be amazed.
While I hope and expect that this will twist the horror genre, I have to say I wouldn't be too disappointed by a fantastically-made straight horror film, either. John Carpenter's old stuff is pure genius at times, and I feel like it's been a long time since a horror movie reached his level of artistry.
I trust Joss whichever way he goes with this. I love his work and he never disappoints me.
I wonder how much of this film is Joss and how much of this film is Drew? I know Joss wrote it and produced it, but they always say film is a director's medium and Drew has a writing credit too.


Plus, does anyone know what In your Eyes is? I must have missed/forgotten the announcement of this film if information about it was posted here. IMDB says it is in pre-production and Joss has a writer and a producer credit for it. It also says filming begins in February.
Ah. Well... shit. I even posted in that one thread. Sheesh. Stress and lack of sleep really do apparently impede memory. Thank you, b!x.

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