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December 06 2011

Vote in SFX's Greatest Vampires Poll. The Buffyverse did really well last time round (Spike topped the poll), can it happen again?

Of course it can happen again :). Go forth and do your duty for whichever Whedonverse vamp you love the mostest!
My votes: Eli (Let the Right One In), Spike, Darla, Angel/Angelus, and Jessica (True Blood).
I went Spike, Darla, Eric (True Blood), Jessica (True Blood) and Damon (Vampire Diaries). If there was a sixth it would have been a toss up between Pam (True Blood) and Angel.
Herrick is my favourire new vampire since Angel ended.
Herrick is rather awesome. Had to give props to Jesse and Severen though.
Angel/Angelus, Spike, Dru, Jessica (True Blood) and Selene.

what a great top 50 the previous list was!
I voted a straight Buffy/Angel ticket but I have to admit that I really like several of the vamps of Vampire Diaries. Also, why no love for Forever Knight vamps?
Spike is and will always be my favorite vampire but I'm going to throw out a very old name: Count Yorga! Loved that movie. Saw it at a drive in with my parents when I was about ten (?) and have loved it ever since.
I had to laugh that Harmony was listed.
One of the funniest scenes ever is when she and Xander "slapped it out" without touching each other.
Spike, Angel, Darla, Selene and Aidan for me. Honorable mention goes to Vamp Willow though.
Done my duty to the verse.

Last time was fantastic
TB's Eric pre season 4.
Spike is still my favorite but the one thing I have learned from this poll is that I like a lot of vampires! It is almost impossible to narrow it down to five. I did love Forever Knight when it was on. I wonder if I still would if I watched it now. That was a long long time ago.
I have Let the Right One In saved on my DVR but haven't watched it yet.

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