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December 06 2011

Watch Enver Gjokaj in YouTube short Frenemies. Fun to be had.

This is hilarious. Enver is a comic genius. He should be on SNL or something.

Hey, what ever happened to Point Dume? Wasn't that supposed to be out by now?
Very funny, and kind of disgusting.
Hilarious! And, yes, a little disgusting -- but to great comical effect.

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I figure Previously on Point Dume suffered the all too common fate of most internet content ideas and is no longer an active project. I subscribed to their email at the time but not a peep out of them.

And someone get Enver a damn series already! He blows me away with the smallest roles. Enver on SNL would be amazing. I might even watch it again after all these years.
Once a year I talk to Enver about Point Dume. I'm going over there next month so we'll see what happens. They did shoot more episodes, but it's a surprisingly technically complicated series to produce, since it's entirely green screen. I loved Point Dume, though - it reminded me of the slightly odd, but very awesome, UK comedies I watched in my teenage years.
I love raw steak and I love Enver Gjokaj!
It's amazing how different Enver is in every role.
Guy's got range for sure. Good stuff.
That just makes me think of this.
Excellent taste, brinderwalt.
brinderwalt, you've sparked an idea in my head:

Enver NEEDS to be in a musical. Only then will his facial expressions and fancy dance moves ever be truly appreciated.
Was actually thinking the same thing RE musicals. I just wonder if he can sing (have momentarily forgotten if I should know the answer to that question.)
I laughed through pretty much the entire thing, and I'm at work. Good thing the boss isn't around.

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