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December 06 2011

Comic-Con: Episode IV picked up for Spring 2012 release. According to Deadline, Wrekin Hill Entertainment and National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) will release the film theatrically, "in conjunction with a multi-city tour of the film with major events for film and merchandising fans across the nation".

Sweet!!! Can't wait to see this!

With the entirety of the comic world at their finger tips, including countless iconic characters, I'm surprised (and a little disappointed) they went with a Star Wars themed movie title.

If this were something more generic about "geek culture" or even "fandom" in general, something like that, I could see them using the Star Wars title gimmick but not when there are so many other, significantly better, options available. (i.e. off the top of my head, "Pulp Reality: Comic-Con" or "Four Colors for a Dime" or "Get Your Geek On its Time for Comic-Con"--granted, my examples kinda suck too but you get the idea, a comic theme)
They're making a movie for a wide audience, alexreager (hence not screening it at Comic-Con) - I have no idea what those other titles you suggest mean, but I get the Star Wars one. (And I don't even like Star Wars particularly).
Any chance this might show up in a theater outside of the U.S.?
Pure speculation on my part, but the Star Wars theme title could be heavily influenced by early imprinting. For geeks of that generation there really is no other symbolic homage-y choice; it's a first love. (Spurlock was born in 1970 and Joss in 1964.)

So much genre stuff comes out all the time now that it's hard to explain the impact Star Wars had on a young psyche back then. It was huge, the seminal film for a generation when there was far less filmic content available to the public. Star Wars played for a year and a half in the single screen theater (which had the largest screen) in my city. There were lines outside the building to get in to see it for at least six months. No one saw it just once and people bragged about the umpteen times they'd seen it. Star Wars was all anyone played on the school playground. I can remember being at a Christmas party where the only record played the entire time was the double LP Star Wars soundtrack.

Looking forward to this movie and 2012: The Year of the Joss.
I guess that's official enough for a new category.
gossi, I understand what you're saying; They have to sell tickets. However, I still think it would be nice to have a comic themed title for a Comic-Con movie, versus a Star Wars themed title for a Comic-Con movie. That was really my whole point and I think its valid.

As for my off-the-cuff suggestions, I'm clearly not a movie maker nor do I have a creative bone in my body (fact!), however I think "Pulp Reality: The Comic-Con Movie" isn't really that bad. You wrote that despite your tepid feelings about Star Wars, you still "get" the current title, so I have to ask, what does the current title tell you about the movie that this one doesn't?

(Pulp is a reference to the paper those early comics were printed on...and its a play on the classic Pulp Fiction movie as well as a play on reality television in general, and I assume this will be shot with Spurlock's documentary/reality tv style that he's used in most of his projects.)
Far more people are going to get a Star Wars reference than a "pulp" reference. "Pulp Reality" would just make people think of Quentin Tarrantino.
Not only did I get the "pulp" reference, I didn't even think of Quentin Tarrantino (not at first). To the pre-Star Wars generation of geeks, the pulps - mass market paperbacks and magazines like "Astounding Stories" - were the real source of science fiction. It's been years since I've settled in with a great story from SF's golden years, but I haven't forgotten my roots.
Granted, but the pre-Star Wars generation of geeks is simply not the target audience for the vast majority of Hollywood genre movies, and certainly not this one.

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What exactly is Joss's involvement in this project. Is he producing it?
Anyone who's been to Comic-con knows what a huge influence Star Wars has had on fandom. I remember reading an article in Time magazine when Star Wars first came out in 1977, about how this would change science fiction.

I think there are very few genre fans who would not immediately recognize the title, and understand the meaning. This film is not aimed at just the young, grew up on Star Wars geek, but all geeks, including this 55 year old!
So does this make five Whedonesque (heh) movies coming out in 2012? My goodness.
Joss in 2012: Angel + Faith, The Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9, The Cabin in the Woods, Comic-Con: Episode IV, Much Ado About Nothing, Firefly's 10th anniversary, Equality Now's 20th anniversary. (And if In Your Eyes both shoots and releases in the same year, that too.)
There's another event more significant than all of those things put together.
Whedonesque's 10th?
Yes. Not bad for a fan site.
Will there be t-shirts?
Personally, I want a commemorative Whedonesque mug, colored in black and gold with purple prose.

@BreathesStory, I get it. Born in '71 here and it was an amazing time. It changed literally how I played with my friends every day. One day, we were all batman and robin and the next we were luke, darth vader and leia.

And it didn't stop there. The special effects were magic.

Then, there were the McDonald's and Burger King glasses, the toys that Christmas and another 2 movies, a trilogy. Who had ever heard of a trilogy?

Funny story, my hometown newspaper provided one of my first memories of spoilers with ESB. They reviewed it and said "don't read further if you don't want to know". I didn't cause I was a kid. But my parents read on because they didn't get the idea of a spoiler so then they were all WTF?

Fun times.

Yeah, it's the right name for a Comic Con movie. Any who, didn't LucasFilms et al really make Comic Con big? I know lots of arguements against that, but he was there very early on and brought in loads and loads of fans.
BreathesStory, I'll bet there's going to be cake!

That is pretty huge Simon! Congrats to The Black.

hann23, I remember waiting in lines that stretched around the entire theater...and then a couple days later we would do it again. I must have seen that movie two dozen times; as a 7-8 year old, it was a magical thing indeed. I even still have all of my action figures!

But I still think the title needs work and I can't put my finger on it. Everyone in here (gossi, b!x, et al) made good arguments and nobody even mentioned that Star Wars was a popular comic series for over a decade, had serialized comics in newspapers and to this day there are tons of mini-series from Dark Horse. So I truly understand how closely tied the Con, SW and comics are but it still seems like pandering to me. Maybe its because it reminds me of the endless string of Star Wars parody's like Hardware Wars or SpaceBalls and the countless television episodes dedicated to SW (most recently those awesome Family Guy and Robot Chicken episodes). Its a shame that comics don't have the mainstream appeal, standing on their own, to sell a movie to the masses.

That said, I'm still ultimately excited. I'd rip the ears off a gundark to see this movie! (if you can't beat them, join them....)
I have friends who are in the table book and the movie. They were so excited. Then we were disappointed that there was no promotion at last year's con other than what the individual people did. Now it's two years after it was filmed. BTW none of the people involved got paid, other than a copy of the book. Would have been a nice thank you if they were specially autographed to each recipient.

And I agree about the title. We are a multiple of fandoms and they use the name of a well known series, like they are aiming this at the mundanes rather than all genre fans.

Yes, my gang will go see it. I wonder if they should go in their costumes and sign autographs (oh, ButtonLady....) As Bix said, 2012 will be a very busy Whedon year.
What exactly is Joss's involvement in this project. Is he producing it?

And he's in it.

It's a Morgan Spurlock documentary. Of course it's aimed at the general population. But I'm sure the fans will love it, cause it's filled with love.

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