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December 06 2011

(SPOILER) Rebekah Isaacs's Q/A for Angel & Faith #4. Conducted at SlayAlive.

Can this be posted on a different site?
Typically, the links on Whedonesque go the source site, IIRC.
@dorotea When in doubt, google it. Probably it is already reposted with credit in other places.
Great Q/A. I could happily listen to Rebekah talk about her art all day and a big thanks to Slayalive for organising this. I'll have to remember to ask my own questions at some point.
@vampmogs: Please do! There'll be another session at the end of the next arc.
@anca, Alas, google brings nothing but the link to this very place. But, yeah I found the Q/A posted on a different board by now. Btw, I mean no offense to the original site in question - I simply cannot go there.
Oy... are people really taking one of Rebekah's comments to be pro-Spike/anti-Angel? *shakes head*
Not surprising, when questions like 'I really liked character X being beaten up, can you draw more of the same?' are OK to ask. *whistles*
That reflects on the asker's bias, not Rebekah's. Again *shakes head*.
Aren't the questions the same even if they're hosted elsewhere?
Rebekah sounds like a real sweetie and since she's a catlover like me, I feel an extra bond with her.

I'm thankful that the writers and artists take the time to interact with fans and seem to understand the love and passion we have for these characters.
There's a new review of the issue here:

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