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December 07 2011

New promo pic for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. This is one of the first official images from the movie. Spoilers if you don't want to know the facial hair status of Chris and Fran's characters.

That's a still from the trailer?
Definitely one of the same moments anyway. Meanwhile, that promo picture that popped up on some movie site months ago is now officially available on Lionsgate's publicity site.
Is that really a front page story?
It looks like an average quality screenshot from the trailer, is it really a promo picture?

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It's an official image sent out by the PR company that's dealing with the movie.
LOL. I thought it was a still from the trailer too.
Could you put spoiler tags on this post?
Does it actually spoil anything?
Facial hair: confirmed.
But the question still remains if whether there will be a full bearding or simply a goatee twist ending?
Clearly Jesse Williams' character is the first to die, as the monsters are afraid of facial hair.
Yes, we can clearly see in the image Just because you may not consider these spoilers, doesn't mean the rest of us don't. These things matter to some of us, Simon.
Sigfodr come on, now. That's pure speculation on your part. I think Joss, as a writer, is fully aware of these wide ranges and is definitely capable of writing them in as red herrings. Of course there is the possibility that he might be implying something else by deploying the use of , like something along the lines of this (view at your own risk!) trope. But I don't think you can say that you have really been spoiled. it could have taken Fran's character
I assume it's been too long to get the actors to do proper promotional shots for it, so they're stuck with screens like this.

Been meaning to ask and yet too lazy to check. Is the guy who replaced Fran on Friends with Benefits (TV) working with him on this?
re: Facial hair. The facial hair shown in the promo pic was also present in the trailer clips showing the group starting out on their adventure, (which may or may not be a spoiler in itself...)
Ashley - I'm pretty sure this is the guy who replaced Fran on Friends With Benefits. He isn't listed as being in Cabin In The Woods.
Should "beard spoilers" become a general term for spoilers about things with the impact of facial hair status ...? And why is no one talking about facial hair on the *women*? This seems to be to be a spoiler that the movie will not be delving into the realm of excess female testosterone, which in certain quarters has been cause for horror ...
Hah. Yes. "Oh, please, that's a total beard spoiler." I'm in!

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