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December 07 2011

A Dollhouse reunion on the set of 'Lust for Love'. It's a pic of Fran Kranz, Miracle Laurie and Enver Gjokaj (plus Beau Garrett) taken by Dichen Lachman. The movie even got a mention in yesterday's Variety.

I believe Helmerscribe is the magical weapon wielded by the Norse god of story structure.
The amazing cast was one of the things that made Dollhouse worth watching. Whatever is this "Lust For Love" movie thou speaketh of?? Must see it!
I find it odd that the Variety article did not mention how Lust for Love is getting funded (entirely?) by fans. I would have thought that was one of the more interesting/newsworthy points about this film.
crippledlion - Lust for Love is a little motion picture we are shooting in Los Angeles right now with Fran, Dichen, Miracle, Enver and Felicia (cameo). Along with the awesome Caitlin Stasey (Dichen's characters sister in Neighbours) and Beau (from Tron Legacy). It was funded entirely by fans.

The mainstream (and online) media gave exactly 0 coverage to the fact it was raising its budget online. Nobody cared. Except the fans, who raised $101k in a few weeks entirely from people tweeting, Facebooking and Tumblr'ing about it.

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The cynic in me wonders if the omission might be intentional, especially on Variety's part. Perhaps they don't want their base getting the "wrong" idea about how to make (and finance) a movie.
Wow, great cast! Cannot wait for it to be available for viewing!
Great pic. I'm really looking forward to watching this!

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