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December 08 2011

"I think Joss Whedon was the right guy to direct this". Brief video snippet featuring Robert Downey Jr. about The Avengers.

Am I the only one who is starting to wonder if maybe the cast is a bit scared of us as a Fanbase? Don't get me wrong, I think Joss was the right guy to direct it too, but yeah. The thought just popped up. Maybe it's just me thinking we're WAY more powerfull than we really are.
I doubt RDJ is but Evans is apprehensive about interacting with fans and has said as much in interviews. He's a cool guy though and is nice. Fans can be scary.
Given the bit of context (granted there isn't much) I think he was referring to Joss knowing the source material.
Wow that ad was at least three times longer than the interview (ie annoying). But I liked hearing RDJ's comments, and of course we know Joss was the right person to direct it! But I agree w/redeem147: they needed a director who knew all of the characters' backstories and could bring out the best in every character so that none of the actors felt useless or unnecessary.
I'm hoping he's just saying that this is going to turn out to be a great movie.
I finally watched Iron Man 2 this weekend. Even though I enjoyed the first Iron Man movie, saw it a couple of times, Iron Man 2 was just tedious. I felt a couple of times during the fight scenes like I was watching someone play a video game. Awful.

Buffy's fight scenes were excellent so I have high expectations.
Yes, IM2 was certainly not spectacular. I know I'm obviously not an executive, but I think the key to a good sequel is mixing up the beats in some way or another. I've never looked too closely into IM2 after watching it, but the whole thing felt too familiar. Maybe the problem is both 1 and 2 really counted on the Stark charecter to carry most of the movie. The first time it was interesting, the second time it wasn't.

I always like to compare Spider-Man 1 and 2 as an example, because despite having the same charecter, what Peter Parker is doing is fairly well mixed up and still familiar to the audience. Tony Stark in contrast is still a rich, eccentric billionaire from 1 through 2 who isn't really stretched by either villian.

That might still be in play in the Avengers, but Stark will still have at least five other protaganists to play off of.

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