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December 08 2011

American Reunion poster. Alyson Hannigan's return to the American Pie franchise.

There is a comparison to the poster from the first film below the new poster.

Holy awkward Photoshopping.
More airbrushing than a model on a magazine.
Wow! Should be a fun one for Redbox.

So at what point will Aly have been playing Lilly longer than she played Willow? I'm sure someone's figured that out already...
I guess it would depend on if you count an episode of HIMYM the same as a Buffy episode. Even though a Buffy episode is twice as long.

Buffy aired 144 episodes, How I Met Your Mother has aired 148 episodes so far. So she's already played Lilly longer.

If you want to go by length of episode though, it's gonna be awhile.
It's good to see Natasha Lyonne in that poster. She's had a rough time of it over the last few years. SO, for that matter, has Tara Reid, but not nearly as dire as NL.
I don't care how stupid and vulgar the original was, I loved it. (Possibly because I am the same age as the actors, and it was a coming of age story, while I was coming of age).

"This one time, at band camp..." is such an iconic line that I've been using it for years while playing Everquest. You see, deep in the dungeon of Lower Guk, there is a creature that is just a giant hand. When a part of a dungeon is occupied by players, it's called a "camp". So I would walk in and announce, "This one time, at hand camp..." It always got a laugh.

...ok, you can revoke my posting privledges now, that was horrible.
I'm actually really looking forward to this. I'm a nostalgic person by nature, so will be nice to catch up with these characters again:-)
@dispatch - ....Heh, "Hand Camp". Nice. :)

Yeah, something about this just makes me feel good inside. Folks tend to focus on/remember only the vulgarity and crude humor of these movies, but the American Pie films (I'm speaking specifically about the original trilogy here) have always had a point of heart and genuine sincerity through them.

Eugene Levy talked about this in his interview on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show. He initially dismissed the original script just on the face of it and didn't want to participate in something so crass and disgusting. However, the Weitz Brothers explained their intention to approach the characters and their actions with a sense of emotional reality in relation to some of the more absurd things going on around them within the story. An example of that would be Jim and his Dad. There's an obvious, real and altruistic love between Father and Son there. When Mr. Levenstein awkwardly tries to connect with Jim or give him advice, it's sincere. He's really trying to help and relate.

Another example of heart and depth in these films: I remember going with my Sister to see American Pie 2 and there's a moment where Michelle (Hannigan) stages a big fight/break-up with Jim, so that he can be with Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth). After Alyson leaves, she gets in her car and just sits there for a moment in silence, and we can see the regret and sadness on her face. It's such a sweet and heartbreaking moment, and in a Teen Sex Comedy.

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