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December 08 2011

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Whedonverse comics for March. There's covers and blurbs for Buffy #7 and Angel & Faith #8.

Boy, they're really pushing that life-changing decision. Btw has the covers so I changed the link. Do like the first one for Buffy.
So, boy or girl? Or maybe, she's just getting married with Spike. Noto's cover is so coupl-y, I can just see the white fence (with rounded pickets) outside.
I think it's awesome Spike and Buffy are close on the cover, but I still haven't liked any of Phil Noto's covers for Buffy so far. I miss Steve Morris on Buffy... even better bring back Jo Chen. I like the Georges cover though.

The Angel and Faith Covers are great, although they're not by favourites, they're pretty good anyhow.
I think the Spike/Buffy cover will turn out to be more symbolic or tongue-in-cheek than anything, but I'm still considering printing it out and framing it on my wall. ;)
Gorgeous covers
Cute! Stepford Buffy & Spike. :D
Yay! Buffy and Spike! Together! Watching TV! I wonder if Joss plans to send the pic to Marti Noxon who said once that it's impossible to imagine Buffy and Spike watching TV on a couch.

My sense of reason tells me that the payback for a moment of family bliss will be quick and cruel - but as long as Buffy can relax and enjoy, I will enjoy it too.
Sigh. I haven't been that enthused by Season 9 so far and each time the new solicits come out it I'm even less thrilled. I wonder if Xander, Willow and Dawn will ever get a storyline in this book again. And if Giles will ever be mentioned. :/

That being said, I do like those covers.
Love the Buffy and Spike cover but I'm sure theres more to it than meets the eye.
Yes, they're watching Ringer.
No, they're watching Bones.
"Look Buffy, Timmy's down the bloody well!"
"Look honey, Isn't that guy in Torchwood just the spitting image of you". *g*

But seriously I'm getting a weird creepy Stepford wives vibe from that cover.
I wonder if Nadira finds out that Faith is harboring Angel? And that Noto Buffy Cover is kinda creepy to me. Also, I find it strange that they are soliciting the Season 8 Hardcover with a release date of May 30th in the March solicits.

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No, they're watching Dollhouse and wonder why Echo is the spitting image of Faith :)

I wonder if it's blood or red vine in Spike's glass.

I don't get a creepy vibe - it looks like a little joke.
It's cute, but I don't think it's gonna turn out to be real for several reasons. Buffy doesn't strike me as the crossword puzzle type. Spike is wearing a polo shirt. And most importantly, Buffy is letting him hold the remote! Never happen.
The Irish mob? We have a mob?lol I was not aware of this lol.Should be interesting!
Never trust the covers. Also, you probably shouldn't trust solicits either. They're written and drawn well before the author has finishing scripting it, and often well before they've planned much more than the bare bones of the arc, let alone the individual book.
"Buffy contemplates a life-changing decision the likes of which few Slayers have ever faced."

Still looks like the pregnancy thing. Cannot imagine what else it could be given what we know of the mythos. Certainly, it is not giving up slayer power while alive and passing it on, since so far as we know that has never happened. And the idea fits in with the progression of the program, from high school to young adulthood, to "growing up" as adults. Adults have kids. One slayer already did. This might explain why that kid might show up in the story.
Cannot imagine what else it could be given what we know of the mythos.

It could just be plain old retirement. WHy can't Buffy just say "enough is enough" and pack it in?
It does still mainly sound like pregnancy, but that could also be a feint. Retirement or power loss could be interesting, and still fits with the life progression thing: what if the thing your life has been about turns out no longer to be what your life is about?
Simon and Bix: I agree, but to me, if I take the words at their root value "...the likes of which few Slayers have ever faced," I have to consider what we know Slayers have faced. Giving up power or retiring has never, to my knowledge, happened to any slayer, let alone a "few" slayers." But having a kid has, and that kid has actually played a role in the Buffyverse as we know it. To me, I would find the idea of "retirement" sort of boring, since in the end I suspect it would later mean that Buffy would have to return to action; Slayers don't retire, so far as we know, so her efforts to do so would fail. And pregnancy fits in with how Buffy and the storlyline has played out- she has moved through life stages over the course of 9 seasons- and she did just have unprotected sex. And Slayers do have kids, at least one anyway. I can see this story playing out in a few ways: (1) Buffy having to Slay and at the same time raise a kid- just like women who go to work and raise a kid do, and (2) Would the kid have any powers him or herself?
Or it could be marriage.
My only wish if the story is going the pregnancy route is that the end of magic means it doesn't then become a cop out. No mystically fast pregnancies. No mystically fast aging. No mystical disappearances. For once, I'd like a genre property to do a pregnancy for real. The cop outs ultimately are not very compelling. What would it be like to really have to bear and raise a kid in that world? Show me that.

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And that is exactly where I think this is going. I am not up on the idea of a kid with powers. I am up with the idea of having a kid through a regular pregnancy and having to work while raising him or her. Like I did, three times. :-) (Well, twice, since two of my kids are identical twins).
It seems pretty clear to me that Severin will take Buffy's slayer power in the next issue and she will be reeling from this for several issues, perhaps the rest of the season. I really hope this doesn't happen...I mean, the comic is called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," not "Buffy...I used to be a vampire slayer."

Pregnancy?? Are you serious??? Not in a million years. "Buffy" is not a soap opera.

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