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December 09 2011

Schrodinger's Spoilers: How 'The Cabin in the Woods' trailer redefines spoilers, but spoils nothing. There's some fab analysis about what was revealed in the trailer.

The analyst therein is not at all wrong about Chris Hemsworth and laughter. Now that I think of it, Joss shows a generally strong ability to find male leads who are both very handsome and genuinely nice, which are the components that go into making a laugh contagious in the way that, i.e., Nathan's and Chris's are.

Edited to swap an epidemiology-related term for another one that has clearer connotations of the meaning intended.

[ edited by Mercenary on 2011-12-09 11:59 ]
I agree with this one:
"Chris Hemsworth gives a big, hearty laugh, like in The Avengers trailer. He is good at laughing. Sitcoms should get him to re-record their laugh tracks, and they’d instantly improve."

And Calvin quoted theonetruebix. Maybe some day there will be

(Edit: whoops, just saw the previous comment. Weird how we both focused on that tiny bit of the article.)

[ edited by OneTeV on 2011-12-09 17:38 ]
I would recommend that the "Chris Hemsworth Watching Comedy" project be changed at once to "Chris Hemsworth Watching Comedy That He Finds Funny," or else we would have to watch Mr. Hemsworth wincing and maybe glowering or else just whimpering for up to ninety minutes. Talk about torture porn ...

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