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December 09 2011

New info about the free Buffy and The Guild flip book on Free Comic Book Day. Newsarama has some more information about Dark Horse's offering for Free Comic Book Day 2012 (May 5).

This sounds so awesome! A spacecation!!! season 8 has really made me open to insanely weird plot ideas that i woildn't have accepted before. I wonder how season 2 buffy would react to hearing she would go on vacation in a spaceship with spike in the future. Laughter is probably the answer.
Free comic book day is a Saturday? I thought it would be a Wednesday? Well I've marked my 2012 calendar because I won't want to miss this!
@embers-It is always the first Saturday in May. The goal is to bring people into the comic shops that normally would not come. There are lots of special events and signings that take place.
What is this whole Gold and Silver thing?
Gold means that the comic is available at all participating comic book stores. Silver means that only certain participating comic book stores will have it.
A spacecation from zompires.

I hope Buffy doesn't slay the bugs.
Here's a more complete listing of the Silver offerings.

Here's a listing of the Gold offerings which include a Star Wars/Serenity flipbook.
Is it an international thing? Is there any chance of getting the freebies in say, Australia?
Tranquillity, depends entirely on the choice your comic shop makes--some international stores do participate.
do you mean, do they have free comic book day in Australia? Because, yes they do.
Oh cool - Thanks :)
I really don't like all the spaceships plots. I don't like to see that kind of stuff in Buffy.

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