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December 11 2011

The Cabin in the Woods screens at Butt-Numb-A-Thon. Looks like the vague tweets out of Austin this weekend were true. According to Nordling at AICN, Cabin did indeed screen at this year's BNAT. Nordling's advice? "Go in blind. There are movies that it's okay to be spoiled a little bit on. This is not one of those movies. "

Wow. What a favourable short review of Cabin in the Woods. I think I'm even more excited for this than Avengers, simply because it's unbelievably intriguing
Well, I have my opinion of what the movie may be after seeing the trailer. I just wish we could see it sooner, if it was shown in Austin. I am still seeing it, though, hoping we get a sneak preview at Wondercon.
"THE CABIN IN THE WOODS won BNAT this year, hands down."

Can we skip over the next four months, please?
Oh wow, this is so exciting. I'm flippin' out over here.
Devin Faraci (who's seen Cabin twice; yes, I hate him, too): "If Cabin came out in 2011 it would make my top ten."
It sounds like Nordling's favorite movie at the fest was "The Grey," followed by "The Cabin in the Woods."
Scott Weinberg echoes, "[S]ee it knowing as little as possible."
Well, I'm going to take them at their words and not read anymore reviews, short or otherwise. Definitely want to see this one cold, or as cold as I can be after seeing trailers. Can't wait!
I'm excited! and conflicted! It's going to be hard for me to stay away entirely from professional reviews -- I'm one of the dying breed who truly enjoy reading movie critics and guiding my movie-watching by their words. I'll try and save reading the reviews for after the movie.

Of course, I've like watched the trailer for Cabin four times already. And I'm already anticipating the exciting hell that the week before May 4, 2012 is going to be, with The Avengers released in several countries outside of the U.S. It's going to be delicious torture, as I'm planning on immersing myself in as many non-spoilery reviews and opinions that get posted online.
I agree, cabri. After this, I won't read another review.

FWIW, I saw Blair Witch Project completely cold, having arrived back in the US after two years in Asia a couple days before the premiere. Didn't know a thing about it beyond "you just gotta see it." For that reason I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was novel.

I wanna see Cabin cooold.
Captain, setting expectation levels up to 100, sir.
Safe to assume someone from the studio was there, gauging the audiences' reaction?
As I said elsewhere here, the less you know the better the experience. If you're going to watch it anyway don't even bother with the trailer. All you really need to know is 5 kids go to a cabin, and bad things happen.
Great buzz, this kind of review. It's mysterious because it doesn't give you any reason why they think it's good, they just tell you to go see it and be surprised.

Why is April (or well... May for me... hopefully) so far away?
Simon, I'd say that's a very safe assumption. Maybe even several someones.
I am becoming more and more pleased that I avoided the trailer. How I am going to avoid it being shown before other films in the cinema I do not know.

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If someone from Lionsgate was at the BNAT, and saw thew reaction, I think maybe they'd move up release to say...February? Mid-March?
April is actually a good time for a release - in the colder states, theatre-going is curtailed in winter by snow. April gives most people a chance to physically get to the theatre without driving through snow.
There is no chance of the release date shifting forward. Good things come to those who wait. And those who eat cupcakes.
Someone made cupcakes?
What does it mean that it's a BNAT winner, "hands down"? Does that mean they liked it better than all the other movies, including, e.g., Hugo?
It was mentioned on another site too, by another reviewer from BNAT who said almost exactly the same thing: go in cold. (No link, sorry, it was this morning and I can't even remember where to find it again).

I find it exciting that both of the writers were so excited themselves that they wouldn't spoil it. Here begins my 4 month quest to avoid all CITW plot news.
Some thoughts on "The Cabin in the Woods" from /Film's Peter Sciretta...

“This is one of those movies that is worth seeing because its so batshit ridiculous. It seems like this movie was a favorite of most everyone at this year’s BNAT, and while I enjoyed it and will highly recommend it, but I still feel the film lacks an interesting story of arc for any of its characters. But the shock factor will have you rewatching and recommending this to all of your friends for years.”

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