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December 12 2011

George Takei asks Buffy to broker star peace. This is a funny meme on bringing Star Trek and Star Wars together by fighting off the power of Twilight, using Buffy and Blade to help.

That cracked me up. I guess I'm not the only one that feels this way. Thank you Gorge Takei!
That was hilarious. I love his facial expressions.
That was the moment for which the internet was invented in the first place.
I agree- the Internet has now reached its peak.Awesome:-)
I'm a Twilight fan, but I did a very Nelson-like laughter at the "Does my boyfriend like me?"-part.
This is very funny, but I wonder if Mr. Takei has actually watched "Buffy" - while this isn't the whole show, it does have some "Does my vampire boyfriend like me?" high school stuff in there. There's also "Does my Slayer/werewolf/demon/witch girlfriend/boyfriend like me" stuff. Although, granted, the vampires don't actually *attend* high school. They show up there from time to time, but not as students. And they don't sparkle. (Thank bunnies.)
I think the "Does my vampire boyfriend have plans to kill all my friends tomorrow?" aspect of the series supersedes that though.
A short poem based on the Great Star Battle:

The Shat ain't all that.
He's fat and can't act.

And Miss Carrie
got quite scary.
It's been far too long
since she fit in that sarong.

Now Commander Sulu
has joined the hullabaloo.
He made a desperate plea
for someone to set us free
from this atrocity.

"Twilight's everywhere you look
and it's not that great a book."

He sent out a video request
hoping he could recruit the best.

Who are these two new players?
Just a pair of vampire slayers.

Will Buffy save the day
and make Edward go away?

If Blade lopped off his head
would he then be really dead?

And on the day it ends,
believe me, my friends
the fans will all rejoice
and shout with one great voice


True, but the show was so so so much more complex like that, with so many different themes and messages. And while I don't agree that there's no other message than "Does my boyfriend like me" in Twilight, it's not that far off.
eddy and Skytteflickan88, I have never watched nor read "Twilight." (Frankly, the descriptions I've heard have kept me far, far away, boldly seeking out ... well stuff that doesn't sound like "Twilight.") "Buffy" doesn't seem remotely "Twilight"-ish. However, as the boyfriend/girlfriend aspect seemed to be Mr. Takei's primary concern, it seemed that he ought to know there's a little of it in "Buffy." (More than there is in the "Star" stuff, anyway.)
Who knew that Mr. Sulu could be so whimsical. George Takei has a great sense of humor.
As I see it, the point wasn't that asking the question "does this person I like then like me back?" is a bad storytelling move. BtVS, Star Trek, and Star Wars all ask that question. The point is that Twilight is overwhelming about asking that question to the exclusion of all other storytelling adventures. Just like how Takei acknowledges how the inclusion of eye candy can be fun, but there needs to be more weight to the greater whole. The difference is that "does my boyfriend/girlfriend like me?" is not the primary focus of BtVS, Star Wars, and Star Trek.
George is awesome, but what happened to the pluralism of TOS? Can't we all just get along?
This man is becoming a hero to me.
That was beautiful.
Gemini Webster, no we Khannnnnnnnn't.
Okay that was great!

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